Chocolate Cashew Bites

Saturday, 27 September 2014
Homemade chocolate cashew bites - slimming world friendly baking

I haven't written a baking post in absolutely ages - mainly due to the fact that I'm doing Slimming World so I've been avoiding cakes where I can.  I got an invite the other day though for a Blogger Bake Off that's happening next month and since then I've been dying to get my bake on.

Also, recently I saw someone on Instagram talk about making their Syns go further by melting a Freddo and mixing with cereal (used as your Healthy Extra B).  I thought this looked like a brilliant idea so decided to tweak it slightly to incorporate Cashew Butter in an attempt to make some sort of "healthy" version of Reeses Pieces (my weakness!).  

Now obviously I can't claim these taste anything like peanut butter cups (for a start I've used cashew butter), but I found them really tasty and at just 2.5 syns per portion (94 calories) you can't really complain!  

I also attempted to make a cool Instagram video of the recipe which definitely looked much better in my head than it turned out (it wasn't squint for starters) but you get the gist….

35g bran flakes / sultana bran (or any other cereal - must be classed as a Healthy Extra B choice though if you're doing Slimming World)
1 Cadbury's Little Bar (or a Freddo)
1 tbsp Cashew Butter

1. Finely crush the bran flakes
2. Stir in the cashew butter 
3. Divide the mixture between 4 paper cases
4. Melt the chocolate bar
5. Put a dollop of chocolate on each nest 
6. Place in the fridge for at least an hour 

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  1. This recipe sounds easy and delicious. It reminds me of the "biscuit" I use to arrange for Christmas out of cornflakes and melted chocolate. By the way, I actually think the video sums it all up quite well. ^^
    x Sonja

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