July Highlights

Thursday, 14 August 2014
So I've been slacking off on the old blog front recently - I haven't really felt like blogging for a couple of weeks now, and I've been pretty busy with work and going out to festival stuff that it's taken a bit of a back seat.  A bit of a life catch up seems like a nice way to ease me back in, so here's what I got up to in July.

I wrote a full post about this at the time, but Blair and I spent a weekend being tourists in Glasgow in July and had a great time visiting museums and eating at all the restaurants I've heard Glasgow bloggers rave about for ages (hiya Bread Meats Bread, we meet at last).

My awesome grandpa turned 90 this month so we celebrated with a little family garden party at my parents house.  We normally only all meet up at Christmas time so it was nice to have everyone together in the summer for once.

It was time for my next quarterly meeting to Paris, and this time the flight times worked out really well and I ended up with some time to explore.  My next Paris trip is October but I've got a visit to Rome in September to look forward to bfore that.  Ahh I bloody love my job.

I went to an awesome wedding with my friends who I used to work with.  It was such a fun day and the wedding itself was a perfect blend of Scottish and Arabic cultures, with a ceilidh followed by belly dancing, so cool!  Also the bride and groom got their picture taken with a storm trooper and Darth Vadar....casual.

Also this month, we continued the wedding venue search and I'm about 80% sure we're about to book one...exciting times!  I've also been vlogging pretty regularly too, with a new video on my Youtube channel almost every week (please subscribe and like and all that jazz).

I normally end these posts with a "what I'm looking forward to in the next month" but as I'm writing this so late that seems a bit pointless since most of my August plans have already passed, haha.  I still have a couple of festival things planned for the rest of the month though, including the Doctor Who premiere at the TV Festival - AMAZING!

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