What I've Been Eating #4

Saturday, 19 July 2014
Mmmm time for another food post! If you follow my Slimming World Instagram account then you've probably seen all of these meals before as I try to post a photo of my dinner every day, although I have been slacking a bit recently (tut tut).  I'm still pretty much sticking to my staple of meat, potatoes and veg, but I have managed to keep quite a lot of variety within that so it's not felt too samey.  If you're following the Slimming World plan (or just trying to eat fairly healthily) then hopefully this gives you some meal ideas to try.

This is a good example of a meal that I've adapted slightly to fit with the Slimming World plan.  Fajitas is one of Blair and I's favourites but wraps are pretty syn-full so while I made B a regular fajita dinner I omitted the wraps from mine and served the chicken and peppers on a bed of salad leaves instead. Served with half a pouch of Uncle Bens mexican rice (1.5 syns), a dollop of salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese (which was my healthy extra A for the day).

Pre-made burgers and sausages are generally a no-no on Slimming World, but I've recently discovered a company called Joe's Sausages who sell really low fat sausages & burgers online.  You have to make a minimum order of 8 packs, so I did a bit meat shop (hehe) and got a bunch of different sausage and burger combinations delivered, all for the total cost of around £30.  As far as I'm aware all of the foods are syn free, although don't quote me on that.  In this example above I'm having a pork & apple burger on a wholemeal bun with a bit of low fat cheese (my healthy extra's A & B for the day), served with chips and stir fried baby corn and mushrooms.  The burgers were ace, really moist and tasty - you totally couldn't tell that they were low fat.  

This was the meal I made for Kirsty and I when I had her over the other week.  It's a recipe called Diet Coke Chicken, which sounds disgusting but it actually tastes really good!  You basically just cook chicken, onions and peppers with a can of diet coke and passata, and the end result tastes a bit like a sweet barbecue sauce.  Yum yum!  I served this with roasted herby new potatoes, and roasted asparagus.

I took this cajun chicken recipe from the Slimming World magazine - it's a super easy one and tastes bloody great.  Just take a couple of chicken thighs and drumsticks, spray with one cal cooking spray and sprinkle over cajun seasoning, stick in the oven for about 45 minutes and it's done.  I served with corn on the cob (also sprinkled with the cajun seasoning) and potato wedges (again, just sprayed with one-cal cooking spray and baked).  The meal has a bit of a summer BBQ feel to it, and in fact you could cook the chicken and corn on the cob on the BBQ if you wanted.

Yep you can still eat a cooked breakfast on Slimming World, thank god, haha!  I used a couple of syns on the potato scones and the tomato ketchup, but the bacon (fat trimmed), scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and toast (1 slice wholemeal as my healthy extra B for the day) was all freeeee.  The best way to start a weekend.

Another great weekend staple is the Sunday roast (I actually cooked this on a Tuesday, but don't tell anyone), and again you can still eat this sort of thing on Slimming World.  I realise this whole post sounds a bit like an ad for Slimming World but it's just because it's pretty much always on my mind now when I'm making meals so I can't help it, haha.  I cooked the chicken breast in a roasting tin, sprayed on both sides with one cal cooking spray and seasoned with salt, pepper and dried herbs.  I used some syns on the mini yorkshire puds (2.5 syns each) and gravy, but the roast potatoes were just made with the one-cal cooking spray so were totally free.

In one of my other "What I've Been Eating" posts I talked about the KFC "fakeaway" recipe where chicken is dipped in egg and then in smash granules to make a kind of low fat batter, and this is a slight variation on this as I've added lemon juice to the egg to make lemon chicken.  Served with a baked potato (finished off in the oven so it's all soft in the inside), some grated cheese (my healthy extra A for the day) and asparagus and thin stemmed broccoli.

Lastly, I wanted to show you how I've been trying to incorporate fruit into my diet recently.  I'm not really a fruit fan - I love fruit flavoured things, but there's something about the fleshy texture of fresh fruit that I really don't like.  I know it's good for me though so I've been trying to force myself to like it recently and have found that adding fruit to other things makes it a bit easier.  Here's some examples of how I've done that - the top one is apple added to a toffee mullerlight yoghurt, and a little squeeze of honey, this was my breakfast the other day when I had a day off.  The final photo is mixed seedless grapes with a few sprays of light UHT cream and a teaspoon of Choc Shot (1 syn).  I can't say I loved either of these, but it wasn't unpleasant, which is a start!

Do let me know in the comments if you've got any other tips for trying to make yourself like fruit….I'm determined to start enjoying it!

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