June Highlights

Tuesday, 1 July 2014
In comparison to last month, this has been a bit of a quiet one - something that my bank balance has been grateful of!  I even managed to make my first deposit into the wedding fund, woo!  So here's what I've been up to:

I went to a party at the zoo!  Full post here.

I got my engagement ring back after it had been off getting resized for 6 weeks.  Sooo happy to be reunited :) (excuse my shit nails)

I went to 2 events at the Filling Station - a cocktail masterclass and then a relaunch party (post coming later this week)

B and I went to a lovely wedding in the Scottish Borders where I made friends with a 5 year old who, when I accepted my second top up of wine, loudly declared "you ALWAYS want some!"…..thanks!

Had a fun night out in Glasgow for Lynsey's birthday (it was too dark for photos in the bar so I only have a pre-night out selfie, haha)

Viewed our first wedding venue, how exciting!

This month I'm looking forward to: a wee weekend break in Glasgow with my B, reuniting with some of my best pals at a wedding, and going on my next quarterly Paris trip.


  1. Looks like an excellent month! Your wedding venue looks soooo exciting- especially if it really is "the one"! You know I'll be up for rolling up my sleeves and helping with any DIY shizzzz if B gets bored of bunting ;) xx

  2. You look so pretty on your pre night out selfie!!