Wedding Outfit Recycling #2

Saturday, 21 June 2014
I've been writing this blog for over 2 years now.  2 years!  If you'd told me when I first started that I'd still be doing this in 2 years time I wouldn't have believed you. I honestly thought I'd last 6 months max before I got bored, but it's gradually become my favourite little hobby. 

Anyway, one of my the posts I wrote in my first year of blogging was this wedding outfit recycling one where I showed you how I'd worn the same dress to two weddings, just changing up the accessories.  Well I've just done the exact same thing again so I thought it called for another post. 

B and I were invited to his old uni mates' wedding last weekend and as usual I left it quite last minute before deciding on an outfit.  I didn't want to buy anything new* so ended up emptying out a big box of old clothes from our spare room trying to find a dress that a) fit and b) would work for a wedding, and stumbled across this old favourite which you may remember me raving about a lot last year (example a).  I didn't actually decide right away that I was going to wear this to the wedding - I was just planning on putting it back into my regular wardrobe for summer (in fact, I wore it to the work the next day) and was going to wear another old dress to the wedding but changed my mind the night before. 

So as you can see in this post, at the wedding last year I wore the dress with a little lace collar from Miss Selfridge, and a nude pink belt, bag and shoes from Primark.   I remember feeling a bit self conscious of the bare arms and bare legs, so this time I added a jacket and some black tights.  The jacket is my trusty lace Primark number which you'll have seen me wear in plenty posts before.  I put comfort first and wore black pumps (Primark) and accessorised with a black belt and handbag (also Primark I think?), and a coral beaded necklace that my mum bought me on holiday.

last year 
this year

I'm still so in love with this dress, I wore it to death last summer and I'm pretty sure the same thing is going to happen again this year.  I just can't get enough!  I'm sure everyone must have an item of clothing that they just can't stop wearing, don't they?  It's great when you find something you love that you can dress up into different styles by changing up the accessories like this though, saves buying a new dress for every new occasion anyway!

didn't have this accessory last time round ;)

just taking an OOTD with some cows….

*Normally I feel like there's a bit of pressure to wear something that people haven't seen you in before when you go to a wedding, but as I didn't know ANYONE who was going I figured that I could pretty much wear any old outfit as it would all be new to them.  Does that make sense??

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