May Highlights

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I went to the Glasgow Wedding Collective fair with my mum - my first wedding fair experience!  I wasn't really sure what to expect but everything was totally to my taste and I came away with loads of ideas (and a ton of business cards which I've now added into my wedding planner).

Another first this month was my first trip to the ballet.  I've always wanted to go see the Scottish Ballet so when I was kindly invited earlier this month to the opening night of Romeo and Juliet I jumped at the chance.  It was such a beautiful show, and quite different to what I expected - no "men in tights" here, more like "men in quite sharp suits".  We even got to meet some of the dancers beforehand to hear more about the show and what it's like to be a ballet dancer which was really interesting (I have two words for you....bum glue).

Another trip to Glasgow, this time a whole evening of fun with some of my blogger pals starting off with a visit to the new Lush Buchanan St store for a launch party.  As I'm not from Glasgow I'd never been to their old store but this one seems huuuge and really well laid out too - there were loads of people there but there was still plenty space to walk about.  I came away with a goodie bag of treats so look out for some reviews soon (cannot WAIT to use the bath bomb I got, it smells amazing).

We then went out for dinner at NY American Grill which is a new restaurant in Princes Square.  The food was great, as were the cocktails - however service was reaaaally slow so once our food arrived we had to wolf it down so we could make it to our next destination in time.  It's not been open long though so I put it down to teething problems (and the fact there were 8 of us) and it wouldn't put me off going back again.

The main event for the night was MCBUSTED at the Hydro, woooo!  I am an unashamed McFly fan, and I used to be an unashamed Busted fan too so this was the ultimate fangirl experience.  We had a great night singing along to all the songs and soaking up the nostalgia.  Even having to walk about 45 minutes to the train station afterwards couldn't dampen our spirits.

I wrote a full post about this earlier in the month, but I spent an evening eating everything that was put in front of me (and that was a LOT) at Clerks Bar for their launch night.  Avert your eyes if you haven't eaten today.

I'm one of those people who likes to change up their hair colour quite a lot, mainly because I get really bored after having the same thing for a few months.  Having been brunette since November I was starting to miss being blonde so booked my first hair appointment since July and went into Medusa armed with some pinterest photos of Fearne Cotton's new doo.  My hairdresser is very used to me chopping and changing my hair on a fairly regular basis so when I said I wanted to go from brunette to blonde she was quite happy to go ahead and do the quite dramatic change there and then rather than building up with highlights.  I ended up getting an all-over blonde with a toner to leave me with a golden/ashy blonde.  It's actually a bit lighter than it looks in the above photo so it's quite a big change!

After getting my hair done I went round to Gillian's for a night in with her and Laura - booze, snacks, a noughties music marathon on the TV, and good chat - all you need in life!

Finally, I spent the last few days of May in Bruges with my fiance - this was my birthday holiday as it was my present from B.  Obviously we spent my actual birthday on holiday (which is where we got engaged) so it was nice to get away again quite soon after.  I'll be writing a full post about the trip soon but in short, we loved it.  Bruges is such a pretty place, there were photo opps around every corner!  Also the food was great too - I basically ate my body weight in chips, waffles and chocolate, haha totally worth it.

Things I'm looking forward to this month: a late night party at the Zoo, going out on sunny drives at the weekends, a wedding in the Borders, and starting our wedding planning process properly by going to view venues - exciting!

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  1. The wedding dress in the first photo is gorgeous. My uni accommodation will be right across the round from Clerks, I'm sorted!
    Water Painted Dreams xo