Ginger Schnapp | Cocktail Recipe

Saturday, 7 June 2014

As you can tell by the title of my blog, I do love a good cocktail.  Despite that, I do rarely experiment with cocktails at home, saving most of my drinking for when I'm out.  For my birthday earlier this year though my lovely friends Jemma and James sent me a cocktail hamper which has encouraged me to start drinking at home a lot more.  Hahahaha, only kidding (imagine - thanks for the alcoholism guuuuys!) - but it has given me the kick to try be a bit more experimental when I do want to have a drink at home, rather than sticking to the same old boring "something and lemonade".  

I think the Southern Comfort PR team must have read my mind as they recently offered to send me a bottle to review.  SoCo is actually already my drink of choice, and has been for about 5 years now, so I could hardly say no now could I?  Rather than sticking to my usual lemonade mixer though I thought I'd put my new cocktail kit to good use and come up with something a bit more exciting.  

I started by doing a bit of research online about what Southern Comfort actually IS - I knew it had whisky in it but I was surprised to discover it also contained peach liquer!  Using this new found knowledge I decided to try it mixed with peach schnappes which I handily had a bottle of in the cupboard.  For the mixer I debated going with some sort of fruit juice but then decided that I wanted to keep it quite light and fresh so opted for a ginger & lemongrass GloWorm (the last remaining can from my goodie bag at their launch event last month) and then added some fresh lime in finish it off. This tastes best reeeeeally cold so I shook the alcohol up in my cocktail shaker with a ton of ice before pouring into a glass and adding the mixer. 

Southern Comfort are actually running a cocktail creation competition on their site at the moment so you can let them know #whateverscomfortable for you and show off your best cocktail recipe skills.  You can win a mug of your own face (yep....) so I'm totally going to enter the Ginger Schnapp (do you like the name??) as a mug of my face is definitely something my kitchen is missing.

Ginger Schnapp
1 measure Southern Comfort*
1 measure Peach Schnapps
GloWorm Ginger & Lemongrass* (you could also use ginger ale or ginger beer)
Fresh lime

There's quite a cool section on their website explaining all about the history of Southern Comfort which is definitely worth a look.  One of my favourite facts is that when M.W. Heron first made the drink in the late 1800's he called it "Cuffs & Buttons" (cute!).


  1. This sounds amazing! I have never thought of this combination even though it contains four of my favourite things! Thanks for the recipe... I think I know what my tipple will be next weekend! :) xx

    Little Babble

  2. I don't think I've mixed cocktails at home before, but it's my OH's birthday barbecue next month and I've been thinking about having some up my sleeve...this sounds amazing, it's defo on my list!