A Weekend Break in Edinburgh

Saturday, 28 June 2014
View of Edinburgh
Image credit Stuart Cale

As I'm sure I've mentioned plenty times before, I bloody love my little city.  Edinburgh really is one of the most beautiful places in the UK (I'm biased, but it's true!) and there is so much for you to do, it's a great place to be a tourist.  Given that we're fast approaching one of the busiest times of the year for Edinburgh tourism (the August fringe festival) I thought it would be a good time to share with you some ideas on the best way to spend a couple of days in the capital.  

Whenever I get asked by people who are visiting the city what they should see/do on their trip I tend to avoid recommending the "big" attractions like Edinburgh Castle and the zoo etc as I feel that as a local I should really be telling them about the places no one really knows about.  At the same time though obviously tourists do want to see the things that the city is famous for, so for this weekend break itinerary I've tried to create a balance between the two, with a mix of well known attractions and places that are more frequented by locals. 

Day 1 Itinerary
I'd recommend starting off the day with brunch at Mimi's Bakehouse down at the trendy Shore area in Leith (I can't believe I just used the word "trendy").  You can then work off that full Scottish  breakfast (or my personal favourite, french toast with bacon, mmmm) by taking a walk along the Water of Leith.  I honestly think this is one of Edinburghs' best kept secrets - I only discovered that we had a river running through the city a few years ago, and I've pretty much lived here all of my life!  The Water of Leith walkway runs for 12 miles from Balerno to Leith and it's a really beautiful walk, for most of it you feel like you're a million miles away from a bustling city.

The Water of Leith
The Water of Leith - image credit Andrew Girdwood

I'd suggest following the path from the Shore up to Stockbridge, this is another little hidden away area of Edinburgh that you probably wouldn't stumble across unless you were looking for it.  There's a host of cute little independent shops and restaurants, as well as amazing local food shops from patisseries to cheesemongers so it's the ideal place to pick up some lunch for a picnic (I suggest getting a french stick and some meat and cheese - just pretend you're in Paris).

Princes St is just a short walk from Stockbridge, so I'd suggest heading up there so you can have your picnic in Princes St Gardens.  On a sunny day the gardens are full of people relaxing on the grass, under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, enjoying a spot of lunch or just indulging in that great Scottish past-time of sunbathing until your pasty skin turns pink.

Princes St Gardens Edinburgh
Princes St Gardens

After lunch why not walk up the mound (stopping to admire the view and taking a few photos) and then along George IV Bridge to the National Museum.  I've written a full post about the museum before as it's one of my favourite attractions in the city, there's so much to see and it's also free which is a nice bonus (seasonal exhibitions have a fee).  My favourite bit is the Natural World, or in other words "the animal bit".  This is a room 3 levels high just FULL of stuffed animals and lots of little facts and games and things (like you can stand on a scale and see what type of animal you weigh as much as).  You could literally spend a whole day in the museum going round all the different sections so I'd suggest taking a few minutes to peruse the map before you start and deciding which bits to focus on.

National Museum Edinburgh
National Museum of Scotland

Once you've had your fill of the museum (I don't know about you but I start to get cranky after about an hour in a museum, it's like yep this is fun and everything but my feet are starting to hurt now so can we please do something else) I'd suggest taking a walk along to the West End (via Lauriston Place) for an old school cinema experience.  Edinburgh has a good range of cinemas, from the big modern multiplexes to the more traditional theatres like the Cameo and the Dominion.  I loooove the latter with its sofas and recliners, definitely worth a visit.  If you're getting a bit hungry then you could even buy some frozen yoghurt for the walk from Frisky just round the corner from the museum (fun fact - this shop used to be my old hair salon!).

Cameo cinema - image credit woodyellen

Once you're out of the cinema I'd recommend going for dinner and drinks at The Blackbird on Leven Street.  This is a nice little quirky pub about halfway between the Dominion and the Cameo (so well placed for a post-movie munch) and it serves awesome burgers as well as a great selection of cocktails (I recommend a Kick Ass!).

Day 2 Itinerary
You'll probably want a wee bit of a lie in after the previous days activities, so I'd suggest heading out about 11ish and going down to Cramond for a walk along the beach towards Silverknowes.  It's only about 30 mins on a bus from the city centre, and on a good day the views across to Fife and the Forth Road Bridge are just stunning.  After a walk I'd recommend stopping for a well deserved carvery lunch at Toby Carvery at Lauriston Castle.  This is literally a 3 minute drive from my flat and there's been many a Sunday where we've come here for a carvery lunch - the perfect hangover cure!

Silverknowes Beach Edinburgh
Silverknowes beach
Before heading back into town I'd suggest taking a walk around the grounds of Lauriston Castle itself, there are some really beautiful gardens here, and you could even take a tour of the Castle if you fancy it (I did just that last year which you can read about here).

Lauriston Castle Edinburgh
Lauriston Castle
Once you've got a bus back to the city centre, depending on your mood you could either spend the afternoon indulging in a bit of retail therapy (we've got huge Primark, H&M and Topshop stores on Princes St, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, and Hollister on George St, as well as department stores like Jenners and Harvey Nichols), or if you're up for something a bit more cultured then you could check out the latest exhibition at the National Gallery.

National Gallery Edinburgh
National Gallery

Finally, before heading home why not enjoy one last little luxury with afternoon tea at the Balmoral Hotel.  This 5 star hotel is one of the most recognisable buildings in the city (fun fact - the clocktower is the 2nd most photographed attraction in Edinburgh), and they serve a really good afternoon tea in their Palm Court restaurant.  Indulge yourself with sandwiches, scones, pastries, and cakes (and even a glass of champagne if you want) and then you're just a short stumble from the train station for your journey home (the airport bus also stops just round the corner).

Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh
Balmoral Hotel & Edinburgh Castle - image credit Jenni Douglas

That sounds like quite a lot to pack into two days but there is just soooo much to do in the city that it would feel like a waste if you didn't try and get the most out of everything.  Hopefully this has given you some ideas for things to do if you're visiting Edinburgh soon, and if you're not planning a visit then, well....you blimmin' well should! ;)

Also, here's a quick list of some other fun things to do in Edinburgh:
  • visit during August when the city becomes a hub of festivals!
  • go ice skating at Murrayfield Ice Rink (or watch an ice hockey game)
  • drink cocktails in teapots at the Roseleaf
  • visit the most Christmassy place on earth - The Dome (in December, obvs)
  • take a trip on a boat out to Inchcolm Island
  • experience a proper Scottish ceilidh at Gillie Dhu
  • scare yourself silly on a ghost tour (ideally one where you visit the city vaults)

This post serves as my entry into the HRS Battle of the Nations competition.  A selection of bloggers from across the UK have been invited to write about why their home city is the perfect place for a weekend break, and the chosen winner will receive a voucher for a weekend away of their own.  I very rarely enter blogger competitions these days but I love writing about Edinburgh and this is the sort of post I would have written anyway so hopefully you enjoyed it too! 

Wedding Outfit Recycling #2

Saturday, 21 June 2014
I've been writing this blog for over 2 years now.  2 years!  If you'd told me when I first started that I'd still be doing this in 2 years time I wouldn't have believed you. I honestly thought I'd last 6 months max before I got bored, but it's gradually become my favourite little hobby. 

Anyway, one of my the posts I wrote in my first year of blogging was this wedding outfit recycling one where I showed you how I'd worn the same dress to two weddings, just changing up the accessories.  Well I've just done the exact same thing again so I thought it called for another post. 

B and I were invited to his old uni mates' wedding last weekend and as usual I left it quite last minute before deciding on an outfit.  I didn't want to buy anything new* so ended up emptying out a big box of old clothes from our spare room trying to find a dress that a) fit and b) would work for a wedding, and stumbled across this old favourite which you may remember me raving about a lot last year (example a).  I didn't actually decide right away that I was going to wear this to the wedding - I was just planning on putting it back into my regular wardrobe for summer (in fact, I wore it to the work the next day) and was going to wear another old dress to the wedding but changed my mind the night before. 

So as you can see in this post, at the wedding last year I wore the dress with a little lace collar from Miss Selfridge, and a nude pink belt, bag and shoes from Primark.   I remember feeling a bit self conscious of the bare arms and bare legs, so this time I added a jacket and some black tights.  The jacket is my trusty lace Primark number which you'll have seen me wear in plenty posts before.  I put comfort first and wore black pumps (Primark) and accessorised with a black belt and handbag (also Primark I think?), and a coral beaded necklace that my mum bought me on holiday.

last year 
this year

I'm still so in love with this dress, I wore it to death last summer and I'm pretty sure the same thing is going to happen again this year.  I just can't get enough!  I'm sure everyone must have an item of clothing that they just can't stop wearing, don't they?  It's great when you find something you love that you can dress up into different styles by changing up the accessories like this though, saves buying a new dress for every new occasion anyway!

didn't have this accessory last time round ;)

just taking an OOTD with some cows….

*Normally I feel like there's a bit of pressure to wear something that people haven't seen you in before when you go to a wedding, but as I didn't know ANYONE who was going I figured that I could pretty much wear any old outfit as it would all be new to them.  Does that make sense??

Bloggers Guide To Google Analytics #1

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This post has been a loooooong time coming.  I think I originally said I was going to do a Google Analytics Guide back in like December?  But for one reason or another (*laziness*) I hadn't got round to it and then tonight I noticed that the #fbl twitter chat was about SEO and it gave me that little kick up the bum I needed to finally sit down and write this.


My day job is in online marketing - technically I've worked in "SEO" for about 7 years now - and I use Google Analytics on a daily basis.  I work in account management which is the client facing side of marketing, and part of my role involves analysing data for my clients and putting together reports - which is where Google Analytics (GA) comes in.  At work GA is one of my main areas of expertise so I feel like I've got enough knowledge to warrant writing a "how to guide" for bloggers.  I've also done a little bit of training with my blogger pals over the last couple of months (spending our evenings looking at statistics - how cool are we?!) and they seemed to find it really useful so hopefully this guide will benefit some of you too.

Google Analytics : A Bloggers Guide

This will be the first in a series of posts designed to give bloggers a better understanding of how to use Google Analytics.  The structure of these posts will be:

#1 will cover the setup, common tracking issues, how to navigate through reports, and a definition of the main metrics

#2 will cover the most useful reports and how to bookmark / schedule these for regular monitoring

#3 will cover the more advanced aspects like custom reports & dashboards, as well as conversion tracking (e.g. how to see how many clicks your social media buttons get).

I plan on posting these fortnightly but you know, don't hold me to that…..you're best to follow me on Twitter or follow my blog on Bloglovin to hear when parts #2 and #3 go live.

#1 Basics & Setup : How to Setup a Google Analytics Account

Setting up a GA account is really simple.  Firstly you need a Google account (if you use Blogger as your blogging platform or Gmail for emails then you already have one), then you need to visit google.com/analytics, click Create an Account in the top right corner, and then Sign Up.  Fill in your website details in the form (don't worry too much about the category selection, really doesn't matter what you pick) and then click Get Tracking ID.

You'll now be taken into the Admin section of Google Analytics where your tracking code is visible.  This code needs to be added to your blog in order for results to start being tracked.  If you use Blogger then you don't actually need to faff about with any of the code, you just need to take note of the number that starts UA- and go into your Blogger settings.

In Blogger you go to Settings > Other and then scroll right down to the bottom where it says Google Analytics ID.  Here you add the full UA number, save, and that's it.  Alternatively if you want to do it the more traditional way then you can copy and paste from GA and go to Template > Edit HTML and add just before the </head>.

If you use Wordpress I'm not 100% sure if they have a simple method like Blogger does for adding your UA number, so I suspect you might have to use the HTML route and add the copy and pasted code before the closing </head>.

#1 Basics & Setup : Common Tracking Issues

Once you've setup your account and added the code to your blog you should see data start to appear within 24 hrs.  If you still haven't seen anything in a few days then it may be due to one of these common issues:

1) Errors in the HTML code - if you've added the script into your blogs HTML (rather than the Blogger settings method) and you aren't seeing any states then potentially there could be some small errors in the code.  Sometimes additional spaces can appear in a piece of code if it has been pasted into a word doc or an email, so to clean this up paste into notepad first before copying and pasting into your HTML.

2) More than one version of the code in use - if you accidentally add the GA code to your HTML more than once then this normally causes the code to stop working.  You can double check that you haven't entered this twice by searching (ctr + f) in the HTML for UA- to make sure it's only in there once.

3) Entering the code in the wrong place - again, this is only really if you've gone down the HTML route, but another common reason why GA doesn't work is that you have pasted the code in the wrong place.  Make sure it sits just before the closing </head> tag. 

#1 Basics & Setup : Introducing GA Reports

Assuming the code is all set up and has started tracking data, you'll want to have a look around the different reports to start analysing the data.  The reports are all located under the Reporting tab, with them grouped into sections in the left hand menu.

Dashboards, Shortcuts & Intelligence Events - custom reports which I'll cover in part #3

Real-Time - live reporting, i.e. info about people who are on your blog right now

Audience - the "who" - reports about the users who have visited your blog (what country are they from, have they visited your blog before, are they using a desktop computer or a mobile/tablet?)

Acquisition - the "how" - reports about the methods visitors used to access your blog (how many people came via search engines, twitter, Facebook etc, how are your advertising campaigns performing,?)

Behaviour - the "what" - reports about how people are interacting with your blog (which pages are being viewed most often, which pages are your main entrance and exit points?)

Conversions - I'll cover this in more detail in part #3, but this section shows how many conversions/goals have been completed on your website.  You need to specify these goals in the settings (e.g. enquiry form completions, commerce transactions etc) and to be honest for your average blog you probably won't use this at all.

The best piece of advice to give you would be to just have a look through each of these sections and play about with the different reports to get a feel for it.  You can't break anything as the reporting section doesn't contain any settings (i.e. it's literally just data, so there's no way to delete anything or accidentally stop the code working etc) so you can browse away safe in the knowledge that you're not going to cause any damage.

Remember to keep an eye out for part #2 as here I will go through these sections and pick out the individual reports that I think are most relevant and interesting for blogs.

#1 Basics & Setup : Dates, Graphs & Tables

One thing you'll notice whilst browsing the reports is that everything generally follows the same format.  Almost all reports have a graph at the top, a date range on the right, and a table at the bottom (the tables also generally have the same columns too).  

You can change the date range of the report you are viewing by clicking the drop down and either manually selecting a start/end date or choosing a pre-selected range from the drop down like "last month".  If you want to compare a date range to a previous time then tick the box and choose the comparative range.  

Please note that once you set up a GA account you can only see data from that point forward - i.e. you can't see data from previous months as the tracking only begins once you add it to your blog.

You can change the data points on the graph by switching between day/week/month on the right hand side.  This is useful if you're looking at a really long date range (like a year), as by default each point on the graph is a day which looks really messy.

viewing by day

viewing by month

You can also change what metric is being displayed on the graph via the drop down on the left.  Please note though that you can only graph metrics that are included in the table underneath, i.e. if you're looking at a report under Acquisition which deals with sessions (see definitions below), then you can't graph by page views.

The type of data being displayed in column 1 is called the "primary dimension", you can change this on most reports by using the links above the table.  The options here differ depending on which report you're on, so it won't always look the same.

You can add a "secondary dimension", i.e. a second column, by clicking the drop down.  In the example below I've added a country dimension to the traffic source table.  I know it's sad but I love that it adds wee flags next to the country names!

If you want to narrow down the data in the table then you can use the search function.  Click advanced if you need to look for something a bit more complicated, e.g. in the table below I wanted to show sources that included .blogspot (i.e. visits from other blogs), so I just needed to type .blogspot in the search box and hit enter.

The table then updates to show sources that match this search (the graph above also updates).

Say however I wanted to show visits from .blogspot websites AND wordpress websites, in this case I'd need to use the advanced search.  By using the "matching RegExp" option you can specify a query string, using the pipe symbol | to denote "or".  So in this case I've said I want it to find .blogspot "or" wordpress by typing .blogspot|wordpress.

You can go one step more complicated by adding in other rules here, e.g. in the first example below I've said I want to see visits from organic search (see definitions below) where the bounce rate is less than 80%, and in the second example I've re-added the country secondary dimension to the table and said I want to see Facebook visits from the UK only.

#1 Basics & Setup : Metric Definitions

I've tried to give fairly simple definitions of some of the most commonly used metrics and phrases used in GA.  If you click the question mark button next to column headings on any table in GA though it will give you an explanation of what this means.

Users - also known as "visitors".  As it sounds, a user is a person who has been on your website.  The expiration date of the user cookie is 2 years, so for example, imagine I am the only person who has access to your blog (poor you).  If I visited your blog once a month for a year then in GA your user total would be 1.

Sessions - also known as "visits".  When a user visits your website a "session" is registered.  These sessions last for 30 minutes, so sticking with the same example where I'm your only follower and I visit your blog once a month for a year then your GA sessions total would be 12.

Pageviews - exactly as it sounds, a page view is recorded every time someone looks at a different page on your blog.  

Bounce Rate - the % of sessions where the user viewed just 1 page and then left the website (i.e. "bounced").  A page will have a 100% bounce rate if every person who viewed that page left your blog without visiting any other pages.  Blogs generally will have quite high bounce rates as people tend to come on to read a post and then leave.  

Medium - traffic sources are categorised into "mediums".  The main mediums/type of traffic are listed below:
  • organic - someone clicking a link in a search engine that is *not* a paid ad
  • cpc - someone clicking a paid ad on a search engine
  • referral - someone clicking a link on a website, e.g. Facebook, or another blog
  • none - if GA cannot determine a source (e.g. if you just type the URL in your browser or use a bookmark) then it is categorised as "direct/none" 

Source - as it sounds, this is the exact source or website which sent the user to your blog.  Some  popular source/mediums are noted below:
  • google / organic - a click from a non-paid search result in Google
  • facebook / referral - a click from Facebook
  • t.co / referral - this is the URL shortening service used by Twitter, so it's a click from Twitter
  • google / cpc - a click from a paid ad in Google, unless you're actively running advertising on Google then you won't see this in your GA account


Hopefully this hasn't been too complicated or technical - I was hoping it would give you the basic overview that you need to get started, with the next couple of posts going into more detail so you can properly make the most of the reports on offer.  

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I'll do my best to help you.  Also keep an eye out for part #2 in a couple of weeks where I'll go through the most useful reports in each section and show you how to save these for easy access so you can monitor your blog stats on a regular basis.

We can all be GA geeks together! ;)

Bruges Holiday

Monday, 16 June 2014

For my birthday in March, Blair's gift to me was a "secret" holiday later in the year, so that's how we ended up in Bruges for 3 days at the end of May. He had been before with a mate a few years previous but it was my first time so I was pretty excited to visit the place I'd fallen a bit in love with when watching the film In Bruges.  Even more exciting was the fact we were travelling there by the Eurostar.  It sounds sad, but I bloody love travelling by train and the Eurostar is like the ultimate train experience…..you go UNDER THE SEA!  

We arrived in Bruges at about 7pm on the Friday after a loooong day of travelling.  We had got a taxi to Edinburgh train station at 7am followed by the train to London, Eurostar to Brussels, train to Bruges (it was rush hour so we had to stand the whole way - an hr standing on a packed hot train - fun!), and taxi to hotel - phew!  The hotel we were staying at (Hotel Marcel) was a cute little boutique cafe & hotel just round the corner from the main square where the famous Belfry sits - we even had a view of it from our window on the top floor.  After unpacking (and having a scout round the room to see what was in all the drawers as per) we went for a walk round the streets nearby and stopped for dinner at a little Italian place.  It's become a bit of a tradition that whenever we go on a holiday we have an Italian on the first night - not intentionally I must add, it just always seems to happen.


One delicious bowl of pasta later we headed back to the hotel for an early night in front of the TV (they had loads of UK channels, which we were pathetically excited about!).  The next morning we got up bright and early and went down to the cafe for breakfast.  We were given a little brown bag of bread and pastries and a wrapped portion of ham and cheese to share - it was soooo cute, like a wee breakfast picnic.  I was also introduced to the wonder that is speculoos spread - like nutella, but gingerbread flavour - amaaaaaazing!

After breakfast we were all pumped up and ready for an EPIC climb up the Belry.  This is probably the main attraction in Bruges, but it's definitely not for the faint-hearted (or the large)- it's 366 steps up a very narrow, spiral staircase and there's just 1 way up & down so you often have to flatten yourself up against the wall to let people past.  We felt quite chuffed with ourselves for making up to the top without collapsing of exhaustion - must be fitter than we thought, haha.  


In need of something relaxing after the Belfry we went on a river cruise, another tradition on our holidays (think we've been on 5 now).  Our tour guide on this was brilliant, he was a really posh old English guy and he had this dead-pan wit so the commentary was hilarious.  After the cruise we stopped for a quick lunch and then went to find the Begijnhof which is a nuns convent about a 15 minute walk from the main square.  It's a really peaceful area of the city, although it does feel a bit odd just randomly walking about a convent whilst actual nuns are going about their business (I saw one on a mobile phone….).  We also visited the Church of Our Lady which is another one of the more famous Bruges landmarks.  It was undergoing some refurbishment at the time so half of it was a building site, but even so you could see it was a stunning building.  

To finish off the afternoon we went round all the locations from the film In Bruges like the park (unfortunately the bandstand was surrounded by scaffolding, we'd envisaged getting photos standing underneath it so that was a bit of a shame), the bridge where Colin Farrell snogged Clemence Poesy, the statue, the window Ray jumped out of, and the hotel.  I really want to re-watch the film now that we're home as I haven't seen it in about a year so didn't really recognise a lot of the spots we visited (Blair did, but his memory for stuff like that is ridiculous).  

Day 3 was all about museums with us visiting the Gruuthusemuseum (this was the city palace museum, but I found it quite boring to be honest), the Sint-Janshospitaal museum (where I was fascinated/creeped out by the display of amputation tools), the Friet (chip) Museum (really not as exciting as it sounds…I expected lots of chip tasting but it was actually just lots of facts and history. There was a bit downstairs where you could buy chips, but we didn't bother as I wasn't convinced they would be that great), and Choco-Story (now here we did get to taste some chocolate!  But yeah again unless you're interesting in hearing lots of facts about chocolate then I wouldn't bother).  

It was also all about food with us tasting the best chips in town (the stall outside the belfry), followed by waffles and praline ice cream at Sweet Bruges (YUM), then lots of chocolate shopping (for gifts…..and us…..but mostly gifts, honest), finally ending the night sitting in the square eating hot dogs in the moonlight.  As it was our last night we'd left going out for hotdogs till quite late (11ish) so we could see the place in the dark - everything looked even more beautiful all lit up, especially the river where the lights twinkled in the water.  Ahhh so nice.


We were up early the next day for another looong day of travelling with us eventually getting back to our flat at about 7pm-ish.  I ended up totally wishing I'd booked the Monday off work as one day is never enough to fully recover from a holiday, is it?  3 days of walking takes it out of you, especially when you're old and unfit like me, haha.  The walking paid off though as despite eating a lot of chocolate and chips I actually lost half a pound at Slimming World, it was a holiday miracle!

Now if you excuse me, I'm off to watch In Bruges….

ZOOTD & Edinburgh Zoo Nights

Friday, 13 June 2014

I love a good pun, so when Gillian and I were at a party at Edinburgh Zoo the other week I couldn't resist the opportunity for an outfit of the day post I could title ZOOTD.

We were there for Edinburgh Zoo Nights which is a series of late night parties the zoo are holding over the summer.  They did one last year and I reeeeally wanted to go but it clashed with something else so when I saw tickets go on sale this year I was so excited.  I bloody love the zoo (as I've written before), and this was basically an opportunity to go round at night with a cocktail in hand and no screaming kids getting in your way when you're trying to look at the monkeys.  

There were a couple of cool things going on like live music and comedy acts (the comedians were really funny actually - I think Gillian and I were a bit like "meh this might be a bit crap" at first but it was so much better than I expected it to be).  Unfortunately there weren't any "hands-on" animal experiences which we kind of hoped there would be (all I want is to cuddle a spider monkey, is that really too much to ask?), but there were a couple of talks through the night so we got to hear a bit more about the animals which was interesting.

Towards the end of the night, after puffing our way up the hill (so unfit) to see the big cats (who were mostly asleep) we were on our way back down and spotted a perfect photo spot with a beautiful view across Edinburgh.  When I was at the members & adopters night last year I remember taking a couple of photos here too.  As there was no one around I immediately was like "lets do outfit of the days!" and we snapped a couple whilst the sun went down.  The lighting isn't great I'm afraid as it was like 9.30pm but you get the gist.  

The dress is the same ASOS number I wore in this outfit post, and the kimono is a new one from New Look that I took on holiday (it's not online unfortunately).  I'm loving kimonos at the moment for just shoving over an otherwise boring outfit and actually bought 3 in New Look recently.  The bag is my cutie ASOS satchel which I've worn TO DEATH, same with the Primark necklace which you've seen in approximately 50 photos now.

Here's some other photos from during the night, most of the animals were asleep to be honest as it was night time (they were probably confused as to why there were grown adults roaming around at 9pm drinking out of zoo cups) but it was still a really fun night.  I think there's a couple of dates still to come this summer so you should definitely check it out if you're looking for something a bit different to do on a Friday night.