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Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Last month Twitter was full of Mean Girls quotes and gifs as people celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the films release.  The anniversary also handily fell on a Wednesday so lots of people were showing off their best pink OOTDs (myself included).  I'm not ashamed to admit that Mean Girls is one of my favourite films (I mourn for the days when Lindsay Lohan was one of the most promising actresses of her generation) and I still find myself quoting it on a fairly regular basis.  In fact if you're a long term reader of my blog you may remember that I did a series last year called You Go Glen Coco where I raved about my favourite bloggers (should really resurrect that at some point).

Also, as you saw in my last wishlist post I do love surrounding myself with pop culture related bits and bobs so what better way to celebrate the 10th birthday (ahem, one month late) than to round up my favourite Mean Girls related items.

That's so fetch!

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