Timehop Diaries #1

Monday, 26 May 2014
I recently downloaded the Timehop app as I'd seen a few people using it on Twitter.  If you haven't heard of it already, it basically syncs up with your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and shows you what you posted on this day in previous years - a simple concept, but thoroughly entertaining.  When I was using it the other day it gave me an idea for a blog post as I've been trying to think of a new spin on my old diary series for a while now (having run out of themes to focus on).  I had a look through all my old diaries to find days where I've got entries in different years and voila, the Timehop Diaries was born.

For this first post I've chosen September 8th as I had entries from 4 different years to include.  I've also had a look through my social channels to find pictures and updates from this day, as well as photos that correspond with the diary entries where possible.  Hopefully you find this quite fun, let me know if you enjoy it and I'll schedule another Timehop post soon :)

Sep 8th 2013

Sep 8th 1999 (age 14)
We were on holiday in Alcudia this week.

this photo is from another year at the same hotel - but you get the gist!

 Sep 8th 2008

SPOILER ALERT: I found one…

Sep 8th 2001 (age 16)
My work experience was excellent.  I now really want to be a nursery nurse.  The children at nursery name were absolutely lovely.  Sarah & Jane said that I can come back any time to see how the kids have changed.  I think I might just do that. (so polite!)

My favourite group was definitely the afternoon lot.  I got on with them a lot better and they are soooo cute.  My faves were Nicole & Lewis.  Kayla got a bit annoying towards the end as she kept trying to get me to play mummies (hahaha).  On my last day Nicole didn't want to go to story time or music time and she was crying hysterically.  I just wanted to go over and give her a hug, but when I went and spoke to her she was fine.  The magic touch!

(the scary thing is, those kids will now be like 18 years old!)

Sep 8th 2012

Sep 8th 2010

Sep 8th 1996 (age 11)
Dear Diary, today we didn't go swimming so I got a video from the Spar.  It was Mighty Ducks.  When I was half way through it Cheryl phoned me.  She came round and we went out on our bikes and went on a cycle.  When we came back we played hide and seek.  At night time Lynn babysat.  We played Consequences and then I watched some of Mighty Ducks.  I went to bed at 9.15pm.

Sep 8th 2012

Sep 8th 2001 (age 16)
(I wrote 2 diaries this year, that's why I have 2 entries for this date)
Everything has settled down now, although I'm not speaking to Boy 1 or rather he's not speaking to me!   Boy 2 is being nicer though!  I texted him on Thursday night to ask if he had or knew anyone who had the Staind album (hahah who the f where they?!).  He didn't reply but at school he said he'd get it from Boy 3 for me!  And I didn't even need to ask!

Friend is going out with a guy called Ian who is 17 and from Musselburgh.  I told her about Boy 4, she hasn't told anyone.  (for reference, Boy 4 was someone who I fancied who was 3 years younger than me…)

Sep 8th 2012
And finally, a Timehop blog post!  View it in full here.


  1. Hahaha this is amazing! I'm also shocked and appalled that 14 year old Lynne is drinking Bacardi Breezers.

    1. Hahaha, good point! In hindsight that photo might not be from that holiday - we went to Alcudia about 5 times, lol. In fact yeah, my sister doesn't look 10 in that photo so it definitely can't be - ooops.

  2. This is such a fun idea, I wish I'd kept a diary more consistently, I always seem to get lazy with them! :)

  3. This is amazing! And now I'm losing my mind trying to remember what consequences was!! xx