Primark Accessories Haul | Spring 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

If you're subscribed to my Youtube channel then you may have seen that I filmed a Primark Haul video last week.  I think this was the quickest video I've ever put together - there was little more than an hour between me actually being in Primark doing my shopping, and sitting down to film a haul video back home.  

It's a pretty quick video as I don't know about you, but whenever I watch Primark hauls (which is embarassingly often) I find it really annoying when there's like a 5 minute spiel at the start about why they like Primark, why the like filming hauls, why they went to Primark that day etc etc.  Just bloody get on with it and show us the stuff!  So my aim for this video was to keep it short and sweet, and at just over 4 minutes I think I just about managed it.  

First up is this little waist belt set which was just £2.  I think both of these will look really lovely with summer dresses, I especially like the pop of neon on the bottom one.

Next is a scarf which is a gorgeous bright pink floral pattern with a grey background and it was £4.  It's a thin material so it's perfect for Spring as it won't add any warmth.

Looooove this bag (£8).  I'm definitely obsessed with neon at the moment. 

I don't normally wear shoes like this but I loved the colour so thought I'd give them a try, and at £3 you can't really go wrong.  I wore them to work the other day with skinny jeans and a pastel floral top, and it looked really cute - plus they are super comfy!

The other pair of shoes (£8) are from the wide-fit section and unfortunately now that I've got them home I've realised they are a teeny bit big for me, but as they have straps I can kind of get away with wearing them without them falling off.

I realised as I was writing this that I forgot to take photos of the t-shirts and pyjamas I bought, so the video includes a couple of addition items not pictured here.


  1. Aaah, love the look of the little bag and cute scarf! I've been buying lots of sandals from Primark recently.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  2. I adore the neon bag, I'm so obsessed with bright colours at the moment, I HAVE to pick this up! Ps I definitely agree with the YouTube comment!


  3. Love the bag and shoes! x