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Wednesday, 14 May 2014
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You can pretty much guarantee that if I receive an event invite that has something to do with food or drink that I'll be there with bells on, and this month seems to have been quite a busy one for food & drink events up here in Scotland (definitely not complaining).  I was taken on a burger date to TGI Fridays the other week (it was a match made in heaven), I spent last Thursday at the Clerks Bar launch party (review coming soon), and at the end of last month I went along to 56 North to find out about new premium mixer brand GloWorm.

I was there with blogger pals Gillian and Kirsty, along with a couple of other Edinburgh bloggers, Emily and Claire from GloWorm,and the manager of 56 North.  The idea behind GloWorm is that they're asking you to "rethink your drink".   I'm sure you've all been there - you're at the bar and when asked what you want, without thinking you reply "vodka and coke" or "gin and tonic" or (in my case) "southern comfort and lemonade" - same old same old.  The "rethink your drink" concept means replacing your mixer with something a little bit different, and the 4 GloWorm flavours are specially tailored to be the ideal companion for your booze of choice.

There's Cucumber & Apple which is the perfect partner for gin, Raspberry & Orris which goes with vodka, Pear, Spice & Lime for rum, and Ginger & Lemongrass which is great with bourbon. The mixers are all sugar-free (yaaay!), taurine-free, and contain 30% less caffeine than the likes of Red Bull, so they're low calorie and won't keep you up all night.

When we first arrived we were asked what we normally drink when we go out and they made us up something similar using one of the GloWorm flavours.  As I'm a Southern Comfort girl I ended up with a bourbon and ginger concotion which was really tasty - although we did a bit of passing around of drinks and I can confirm they all tasted pretty great.  As they each have quite a unique flavour it's a bit like getting a mini cocktail.

After our initial "simple" drinks we moved onto proper cocktails - again made using the GloWorm mixers but with a bit more adventurous alcohol choices, and oh my lord they were all amazing.  My favourites, I'm surprised to say, were the gin based cocktails made the cucumber & lime mixer and fresh cucumber.  I had it in my head that I really didn't like gin (probably because my one experience of it had been as a shot - big mistake) but this completely changed my mind, it just tasted so refreshing, I can definitely see me ordering one on light summer night whilst sitting outside in a beer garden, ahhh.

We were surprised to discover that the mixers were really well priced too, with 56 North selling GloWorm for £1.50 which is only 25p more expensive than the Schweppes alternative.  Considering that you're basically getting your own mini cocktail it's a bargain in my book.

After all that free booze (on a school night!) me, Gillian and Kirsty were in need of some food so we walked along to one of my favourites, Bar Kohl for a burger (what else?).  You're probably sick of burger reviews on here but ooooh this was good - I went for the yummy New Jersey breaded chicken burger with fries, and then we shared some onion rings too because it would be rude not to.  I also rather sensibly chose to stick to soft drinks and went for a rather interesting sounding Kaleidoscope from Edinburgh craft soda company Roots Soda.  This was a delicious blend of strawberry, orange, basil and balsamico and it was so good I could have drank several bottles - definitely going to keep an eye out for it on Edinburgh menus.

I don't know about you but all this talk of burgers has made me reaaaally hungry (it's Slimming World weigh in day too, damn) and I'm craving another one of those cocktails.  Luckily for me I've got a couple of cans of GloWorm at home so might make myself a wee drink tonight if my SW class goes well :)

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  1. Ginger & lemon grass sounds amazing. I got invited to this but you know, not 18 yet :(
    Water Painted Dreams xo