Wishlist #3 | And None for Gretchen Wieners

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Last month Twitter was full of Mean Girls quotes and gifs as people celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the films release.  The anniversary also handily fell on a Wednesday so lots of people were showing off their best pink OOTDs (myself included).  I'm not ashamed to admit that Mean Girls is one of my favourite films (I mourn for the days when Lindsay Lohan was one of the most promising actresses of her generation) and I still find myself quoting it on a fairly regular basis.  In fact if you're a long term reader of my blog you may remember that I did a series last year called You Go Glen Coco where I raved about my favourite bloggers (should really resurrect that at some point).

Also, as you saw in my last wishlist post I do love surrounding myself with pop culture related bits and bobs so what better way to celebrate the 10th birthday (ahem, one month late) than to round up my favourite Mean Girls related items.

That's so fetch!

Timehop Diaries #1

Monday, 26 May 2014
I recently downloaded the Timehop app as I'd seen a few people using it on Twitter.  If you haven't heard of it already, it basically syncs up with your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and shows you what you posted on this day in previous years - a simple concept, but thoroughly entertaining.  When I was using it the other day it gave me an idea for a blog post as I've been trying to think of a new spin on my old diary series for a while now (having run out of themes to focus on).  I had a look through all my old diaries to find days where I've got entries in different years and voila, the Timehop Diaries was born.

For this first post I've chosen September 8th as I had entries from 4 different years to include.  I've also had a look through my social channels to find pictures and updates from this day, as well as photos that correspond with the diary entries where possible.  Hopefully you find this quite fun, let me know if you enjoy it and I'll schedule another Timehop post soon :)

Sep 8th 2013

Sep 8th 1999 (age 14)
We were on holiday in Alcudia this week.

this photo is from another year at the same hotel - but you get the gist!

 Sep 8th 2008

SPOILER ALERT: I found one…

Sep 8th 2001 (age 16)
My work experience was excellent.  I now really want to be a nursery nurse.  The children at nursery name were absolutely lovely.  Sarah & Jane said that I can come back any time to see how the kids have changed.  I think I might just do that. (so polite!)

My favourite group was definitely the afternoon lot.  I got on with them a lot better and they are soooo cute.  My faves were Nicole & Lewis.  Kayla got a bit annoying towards the end as she kept trying to get me to play mummies (hahaha).  On my last day Nicole didn't want to go to story time or music time and she was crying hysterically.  I just wanted to go over and give her a hug, but when I went and spoke to her she was fine.  The magic touch!

(the scary thing is, those kids will now be like 18 years old!)

Sep 8th 2012

Sep 8th 2010

Sep 8th 1996 (age 11)
Dear Diary, today we didn't go swimming so I got a video from the Spar.  It was Mighty Ducks.  When I was half way through it Cheryl phoned me.  She came round and we went out on our bikes and went on a cycle.  When we came back we played hide and seek.  At night time Lynn babysat.  We played Consequences and then I watched some of Mighty Ducks.  I went to bed at 9.15pm.

Sep 8th 2012

Sep 8th 2001 (age 16)
(I wrote 2 diaries this year, that's why I have 2 entries for this date)
Everything has settled down now, although I'm not speaking to Boy 1 or rather he's not speaking to me!   Boy 2 is being nicer though!  I texted him on Thursday night to ask if he had or knew anyone who had the Staind album (hahah who the f where they?!).  He didn't reply but at school he said he'd get it from Boy 3 for me!  And I didn't even need to ask!

Friend is going out with a guy called Ian who is 17 and from Musselburgh.  I told her about Boy 4, she hasn't told anyone.  (for reference, Boy 4 was someone who I fancied who was 3 years younger than me…)

Sep 8th 2012
And finally, a Timehop blog post!  View it in full here.

OOTD: Spring Casual

Thursday, 22 May 2014

 top - dorothy perkins
skirt - new look (old)
necklace - ginger pickle (old)
bracelet* - rings & tings

As I mentioned in my recent Dorothy Perkins haul, this top is currently one of my favourite pieces of clothing.  Look how pretty and spring-like it is, ahhh.

This was just a fairly casual work outfit that I wore the other day - I paired the floral top with my denim skater skirt and added a plain silver necklace and this cute purple woven bracelet which matches exactly with one of the colours in the top (love when that happens!).

Clerks Bar

Sunday, 18 May 2014

If you read my first What I've Been Eating post a few months back you may have noticed I included a photo of some awesome pulled pork I had at Clerks Bar.  Well the other week I went back, this time for a blogger launch party and it was GLORIOUS.  They served us nachos piled high with salsa, gauc and sour cream, the messiest chicken wings known to man, platters of pulled pork, ribs, roast chicken and chips (oh and corn on the cob to balance things out), hot dogs, macaroni burgers (BREADED MACARONI IN A BUN....WHAT?!), and mini beef burgers.  To say we were spoiled is an understatement - I left well and truly STUFFED.

Oh and not to mention alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol.  There's nothing more exciting than entering a bar and being handed a pile of free drinks tokens (to be fair I only used a couple of mine and left the rest with the girls when I sensibly went home to bed at 9.30). 

If all of that wasn't enough we also came away with a goodie bag complete with a bottle of craft beer and sweeties.  In summary, Clerks Bar, YOU GUYS ROCK!

If you're looking for some slow cooked BBQ food and good beers then I'd definitely recommend paying Clerks Bar a visit - it's pretty cheap too so you can totally justify 3 courses (if your belly will allow it!). 

Dorothy Perkins Haul | Spring 2014

Friday, 16 May 2014
The other week I did a bit of online shopping on Dorothy Perkins for some new work outfits.  Now that the weather has been getting a bit nicer and it feels like we're properly into spring, I fancied brightening up my work wardrobe, moving away from the dark colours and injecting a bit of pastels. 

The first thing I got was this floral and grey top (£18) and it is currently one of my favourite things in my wardrobe - the colours are so beautiful!  I've worn this with jeans and skirts (OOTD coming soon actually) and it's so spring-like, I love it!  The back is completely grey too which is quite cool.

I was drawn to this bird print tee (£7) mainly because I love this lavendar colour, in fact it's almost identical to my much loved ASOS satchel.   I think it will look cute with my denim skirt, or just over plain black jeggings.

I intentionally bought these bright blue jeggings (£20) in a size too small so they could be my "slim into" trousers.  As I've briefly mentioned in a couple of posts, I've joined Slimming World, and I'm currently ~7lbs down so I reckon I should be able to fit into these once I get my 1 stone award.

Finally I got these 2 blouses/shirts which are perfect for the days where I need to be a bit smarter, like client meetings etc.  As you'll know I'm a bit obsessed with mint so I looove the mint colour block shirt (£28), also there's something super cute about the polka dot shirt too (this one is no longer online).

So quite a small haul, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway!  Dorothy Perkins is one of my favourite places to buy smarter stuff and it's also one of the first places I check for dresses when I've got a formal event.  They seem to have a lot of really nice stuff in at the moment too so I'd definitely recommend having a wee browse.

GloWorm Drinks Launch

Wednesday, 14 May 2014
image source
You can pretty much guarantee that if I receive an event invite that has something to do with food or drink that I'll be there with bells on, and this month seems to have been quite a busy one for food & drink events up here in Scotland (definitely not complaining).  I was taken on a burger date to TGI Fridays the other week (it was a match made in heaven), I spent last Thursday at the Clerks Bar launch party (review coming soon), and at the end of last month I went along to 56 North to find out about new premium mixer brand GloWorm.

I was there with blogger pals Gillian and Kirsty, along with a couple of other Edinburgh bloggers, Emily and Claire from GloWorm,and the manager of 56 North.  The idea behind GloWorm is that they're asking you to "rethink your drink".   I'm sure you've all been there - you're at the bar and when asked what you want, without thinking you reply "vodka and coke" or "gin and tonic" or (in my case) "southern comfort and lemonade" - same old same old.  The "rethink your drink" concept means replacing your mixer with something a little bit different, and the 4 GloWorm flavours are specially tailored to be the ideal companion for your booze of choice.

There's Cucumber & Apple which is the perfect partner for gin, Raspberry & Orris which goes with vodka, Pear, Spice & Lime for rum, and Ginger & Lemongrass which is great with bourbon. The mixers are all sugar-free (yaaay!), taurine-free, and contain 30% less caffeine than the likes of Red Bull, so they're low calorie and won't keep you up all night.

When we first arrived we were asked what we normally drink when we go out and they made us up something similar using one of the GloWorm flavours.  As I'm a Southern Comfort girl I ended up with a bourbon and ginger concotion which was really tasty - although we did a bit of passing around of drinks and I can confirm they all tasted pretty great.  As they each have quite a unique flavour it's a bit like getting a mini cocktail.

After our initial "simple" drinks we moved onto proper cocktails - again made using the GloWorm mixers but with a bit more adventurous alcohol choices, and oh my lord they were all amazing.  My favourites, I'm surprised to say, were the gin based cocktails made the cucumber & lime mixer and fresh cucumber.  I had it in my head that I really didn't like gin (probably because my one experience of it had been as a shot - big mistake) but this completely changed my mind, it just tasted so refreshing, I can definitely see me ordering one on light summer night whilst sitting outside in a beer garden, ahhh.

We were surprised to discover that the mixers were really well priced too, with 56 North selling GloWorm for £1.50 which is only 25p more expensive than the Schweppes alternative.  Considering that you're basically getting your own mini cocktail it's a bargain in my book.

After all that free booze (on a school night!) me, Gillian and Kirsty were in need of some food so we walked along to one of my favourites, Bar Kohl for a burger (what else?).  You're probably sick of burger reviews on here but ooooh this was good - I went for the yummy New Jersey breaded chicken burger with fries, and then we shared some onion rings too because it would be rude not to.  I also rather sensibly chose to stick to soft drinks and went for a rather interesting sounding Kaleidoscope from Edinburgh craft soda company Roots Soda.  This was a delicious blend of strawberry, orange, basil and balsamico and it was so good I could have drank several bottles - definitely going to keep an eye out for it on Edinburgh menus.

I don't know about you but all this talk of burgers has made me reaaaally hungry (it's Slimming World weigh in day too, damn) and I'm craving another one of those cocktails.  Luckily for me I've got a couple of cans of GloWorm at home so might make myself a wee drink tonight if my SW class goes well :)

Primark Accessories Haul | Spring 2014

Thursday, 8 May 2014

If you're subscribed to my Youtube channel then you may have seen that I filmed a Primark Haul video last week.  I think this was the quickest video I've ever put together - there was little more than an hour between me actually being in Primark doing my shopping, and sitting down to film a haul video back home.  

It's a pretty quick video as I don't know about you, but whenever I watch Primark hauls (which is embarassingly often) I find it really annoying when there's like a 5 minute spiel at the start about why they like Primark, why the like filming hauls, why they went to Primark that day etc etc.  Just bloody get on with it and show us the stuff!  So my aim for this video was to keep it short and sweet, and at just over 4 minutes I think I just about managed it.  

First up is this little waist belt set which was just £2.  I think both of these will look really lovely with summer dresses, I especially like the pop of neon on the bottom one.

Next is a scarf which is a gorgeous bright pink floral pattern with a grey background and it was £4.  It's a thin material so it's perfect for Spring as it won't add any warmth.

Looooove this bag (£8).  I'm definitely obsessed with neon at the moment. 

I don't normally wear shoes like this but I loved the colour so thought I'd give them a try, and at £3 you can't really go wrong.  I wore them to work the other day with skinny jeans and a pastel floral top, and it looked really cute - plus they are super comfy!

The other pair of shoes (£8) are from the wide-fit section and unfortunately now that I've got them home I've realised they are a teeny bit big for me, but as they have straps I can kind of get away with wearing them without them falling off.

I realised as I was writing this that I forgot to take photos of the t-shirts and pyjamas I bought, so the video includes a couple of addition items not pictured here.

Daily Makeup: Weekend Face

Monday, 5 May 2014

I haven't done a makeup / face of the day type post in what feels like ages, so this weekend as I was getting ready to go out I thought I'd take some photos and put together a blog post.  At the weekends I generally wear very little makeup - if I'm just spending the day in the house then I wear none at all (to be honest, if I'm staying in the house then the chances of me even changing out of my pyjamas are slim to none), and if I'm off out shopping or going to lunch or the cinema etc then I go for a fairly simple look.  This Saturday was a perfect example as B and I were going out for an afternooon cinema date and I wanted to make myself look presentable but with minimal effort.  I actually only used 8 products which is pretty good going for me!  

I started with the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer (£26).  This has recently come back into my life and it's one of the best primers I've tried for smoothing out pores and leaving you with a great base for your makeup.  My foundation of choice on this day was the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (£33) which is definitely one of my all-time favourites - it has a really buildable consistency and such a natural finish.  Once it's buffed in you can honestly hardly tell you are even wearing foundation, it's not cakey in the slightest.  For undereyes and covering a couple of chin blemishes I used the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer (£4.49) which I'm really liking at the moment.   On my cheeks I went for Benefit Dandelion (£23.50) which is the most subtle of all my blushers - a really light pink colour which is ideal for Spring.

For my brows I used the Clarins Eyebrow Pencil (£17) - this has a little spooly at the end so you don't need a separate brow brush to tidy things up.  I tend to go through phases of either using this or the HD Brows palette - I can never quite make up my mind if I prefer a pencil or powder for my brows, although at the moment I'm enjoying using the Clarins pencil.  I actually did a bit of multi-tasking and also used this under my eyes just to give a bit of definition to the outer corners.

On my lids I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On And On Bronze (£4.99) which is what I reach for on the days where I can't be bothered applying eyeshadow.  A quick wipe of this on both eyelids using just my finger - the ultimate lazy application.  On my lashes I went for the Maybelline Falsies Mascara (£7.99) which is one I've had for a while now (in fact, I have 2!) and have been finding myself choosing it over my more high-end mascaras almost every day recently.  I feel like it really lifts and separates my lashes and leaves my eyes looking really wide awake - I wouldn't say it's like wearing falsies though, but it does add a bit of length.

Finally on my lips I went for something slightly more daring in the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Peach Club (£8.99).  On a day to day basis I tend to stick with light pinky/peachy shades these days, but after watching my friend Roisin's video recently featuring this shade I knew I had to try it.  This was actually the first day I wore it, and it was a kind of a test to see if I felt comfortable in it (I sometimes do that at weekends - try out new makeup looks when it's just me and B so I can decide if I like it before unleashing it on the world, haha) - it definitely passed, in fact I wore it again the next day to a wedding fair with my mum, and then today to work (I'm writing this on my lunch break!).  It's a lovely matte shade that lasts all day and doesn't dry out your lips - a winner in my books!

Pose central!  I have about 25 variations of these photos on my phone, ahhh the life of a blogger!