What I've Been Eating #2

Friday, 25 April 2014
Chicken & Pesto Pasta
This was well and truly a "chuck everything together and hope for the best" type of meal but it actually turned out great!  I had a couple of leftover chicken thighs so I fried them in a little cooking spray, chucked in some mushrooms and pine nuts and then stirred in cooked wholemeal pasta and a tablespoon of red pesto.  So easy and really really tasty, definitely one I'll do again.

BBQ Chicken
When it comes to turkey and chicken I've recently started buying the cheaper thighs and drumsticks instead of the usual breasts/steaks and I have to say I'm finding my meals are much tastier.  Obviously if you're using skin-on joints then it's not the healthiest option but you can always remove the skin before eating.  One of the easiest meals I've been making with drumsticks and thighs recently is this BBQ chicken.  You just spray the meat with some 1 cal cooking spray, sprinkle on bbq seasoning and stick in a dish in the oven for about 35 minutes.  I've made this twice recently, once served with homemade chips (also sprinkled with bbq seasoning) and green veg, and the other time with mexican rice and chips, although I envisage making this with a lovely green salad in the summer.

Duck spring rolls & burgers
I went out for dinner with my bloggy BFF Kirsty the other week to the Roseleaf down at The Shore in Leith.  I'd heard so many good things about the Roseleaf but had never been before so was really looking forward to some delicious food and drinking cocktails out of teapots and it did not disappoint.  I went for duck spring rolls to start (or "Qrispy Quaker") which were absolutely delicious - so crispy yet so moist and juicy, yum yum yum.  Unsurprisingly I went for a burger for my main and oh my what a burger.....the patty was a blend of beef and pork belly, topped with bacon and cheese and served with double dipped chips.  Add 3 "pot-tails" and you're left with a very sick Lynney - so sick I had to go straight home for a lie down afterwards.  When will I learn?

KFC Fakeaway
As I mentioned in my last "What I've Been Eating" post I've been planning on joining Slimming World (in fact by the time this post goes live I'll have been to my first class) so I've been constantly on the search of good Slimming World friendly recipes online.  One of the bloggers I follow on Twitter has been having a lot of success at SW in the last few months (you can read her blog here) and she recently posted a healthy KFC style chicken recipe which sounded so good I decided to try it last weekend when I was craving something fried.  The trick here is that the "batter" is actually Smash instant mash potato mix - it sounds weird but it tastes amazing.  I did end up making quite a big portion of chips to go with it, although they were cooked with 1 cal cooking spray and so were a fraction of the calories I'd have had if I went for a real takeaway, so I didn't feel guilty.

Quarter pounder & chips
Emm yeah so it looks like a lot of what I've been eating recently is "something and chips"....really need to add a bit of variety!  The last time I posted I mentioned a Slimming World burger recipe and this time I've gone for another, this time with the added ingredient of berlotti beans (which I hadn't even heard of until this recipe!).  Again this is pretty easy to make - just blend mince, a can of drained berlotti beans, half a red onion, some parsley and seasoning and then shape into pattys (my blender was not playing ball so I used a potato masher....fun).  The beans added a bit more texture to the burger and they turned out pretty good although they could have done with a bit more seasoning (I realised afterwards though that I forgot to add a spoonful of tomato puree, so that's perhaps why they were a bit bland).

I think we can safely say that for my next food roundup post my challenge is definitely EAT LESS CHIPS.

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  1. At least you're trying different things - I'm making the same bloomin' chilli at the start of every week then that's all I'm eating int he house for a week - need to get trying some new SW recipes! Hoping once all the exams are done i can start to really focus and experiment with some different foods - just so tired when I get in that I can never be bothered cooking!