OOTD: Pastel Accents

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

dress - asos
belt - asos (old)
bag - asos
necklace - primark
love heart ring - gift
sunglasses & moustache rings - primark

The other weekend I got all dressed up for a night out for my pal Kirsty's birthday - we started off with cocktails at The Lioness of Leith and then ended it dancing to 90's indie classics at Citrus Club (which was filled with actual children).  I feel like I probably go on a bit too much on here about how much love I have for my Scottish Blogger pals so I won't waffle on too much - but I will quickly say that Kirsty is one of my favourite people and I am so happy that she has become a part of my life in the last year.  Emotional bit over......back onto clothes!

So as always seems to happen when I'm getting ready for a night out, I started off with TONS of time but somehow ended up rushing at the end so didn't really have time to take proper OOTD photos which means I'm stuck with this very short selection.  The dress was a new purchase from ASOS - remember how I won a competition last year and got a £200 ASOS voucher?  Well I discovered that I still had £40-odd left after I sent some stuff back, so I ordered a couple of dresses last week and this is the one I ended up keeping.  I love the crochet detailing on the top half, and it's a good length on me (if you're taller than say 5ft3 though then it would actually be REALLY short). 

I paired the dress with some pastel accessories, as I'm pretty obsessed with pastels at the moment (I watched a bunch of Primark haul videos at the weekend and made a list of things to look out for and literally everything was a pastel colour).  The necklace is Primark, the belt and bag are ASOS (yep, it's that bag again!), the love heart ring was a gift, and the other rings are Primark.  Oh and in case you're wondering the reason I didn't have my engagement ring on is because it's a tiny bit too big and I was worried that it might fall off when I was out dancing (plus you know, I could chat up men*).  I didn't photograph the shoes but I was wearing wedge heel shoe boots from New Look 915.

*JOKE obviously.

Since I was pretty rubbish at taking photos of the outfit, here's a couple of photos from the night out to make up for it!

lianne & laura

gillian, me, iona & gill

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  1. I absolutely adore the Primark neckless! And the ASOS dress looks gorgeous on you, good pick!

    -A | Mirror, Mirror