April Highlights

Wednesday, 30 April 2014
 cocktails at the Lioness of Leith for Kirsty's birthday - followed by dancing all night to old school classics at Citrus Club

 another work related visit to Paris.  I'm loving these quarterly adventures!

 a "mummy & daddy" dinner at the Roseleaf to swap birthday presents with Kirsty.  So in love with those Hydraluron masks!

sampling drinks made with new GloWorm mixers at 56North (post coming soon)

Unphotographed highlights from this month

A family dinner at Bella Italia for my little sisters' birthday with the parents and partners

Celebrating Jemma and James being back in the country for a wee visit with our first Cosmo experience (so much fooood)

Watching Kirsty trying to pack a bag for a night out and pulling out at least 3 fake knives in the process (normal)

Powering through almost 2 full series of Gossip Girl in a month (finally understanding the hype)

Falling in love with a flat only for it to go off the market the minute we decided we wanted it (ok so that one is not so much a highlight....)


  1. Cocktails look delicious! So jealous of your trips to Paris! xx


  2. I'm so jealous of your trip to Paris! Glo worm drinks are amazing aren't they! Haha. I can't stop raving about them, those cocktails look amazing too!
    Kloe xx

  3. I was just saying to Sam the other day that, out of everyone I know, you definitely have the best job.