What I've Been Eating #1

Sunday, 30 March 2014
Every time I sit down to do an online food shop we go through the same routine: I ask B is there's any meals he wants me to make, he says "fajitas" and then can't think of anything else, he then tells me that I should keep a note of the meals we enjoy so we can remember the good ones and I say "yeah good idea, I will". We've been doing this for about 3 years and I still haven't started this elusive 'list of meals we enjoy'.  I am a terrible person.

Anyway, as I was doing the latest shop I hit upon the idea of taking photos of our meals so I had a record of what we've had and can look back when I need inspiration.  I also thought it would make a nice little series for the blog as it's the sort of thing I'd like to read so I'm sure some of you must feel the same.  I can find it really hard sometimes to think of meal ideas and normally end up having very similar things over and over again, so hopefully this will help me mix things up a bit more.

Healthy beef burgers with bacon and homemade chips
I found this on the Slimming World website as I was browsing for some healthy recipe ideas.  I'm actually thinking of joining Slimming World classes soon (thinking of that wedding dress body!) so I've been looking at what my meal options will be and so far it looks like it's going to be pretty easy to stick to the plan (ask me again in a few weeks though).

The burgers were made with extra lean mince, topped with bacon (with the rind removed) and served on a wholemeal bun with corn on the cob and healthy chips (1 cal cooking spray and some bbq seasoning).

Sweet five spice & chilli pork with brown rice
I was kindly sent a couple of chinese inspired meals from a company called Ilumi who make gluten, dairy & nut free ready meals.  When they arrived in little microwavable packets I initially had some horrible flashbacks to my days on the Diet Chef plan (that did not go well) but I needn't have worried, I had the five spice pork the other night for dinner (served with brown rice and peas) and it was really tasty.  It was also the right side of spicy for me - it had a bit of kick but didn't leave my mouth burning. 

Strawberries and cream pancakes
I realise this probably makes me sound like a weirdo but, I don't like fruit.  I like fruit flavoured things, but I don't like eating raw fruit - the fleshy texture turns my stomach, yeuch!  I'm trying to force myself to introduce fruit into my diet though as I really want to start eating healthier, so I recently bought some strawberries as I thought I could add them to ice cream or yoghurts to mask the fact I was eating fleshy little hairy balls (nice imagery there).  On Saturday morning after an unusually productive start to the day I thought I'd be brave and try eat some raw with pancakes and cream and the verdict is....they were actually pretty nice!  I'm not converted into a fruit lover just yet, but this is definitely a breakfast I'll be repeating.

Pulled pork and sweet potato chips
Yeah so I obviously didn't cook this myself but I thought I'd include it anyway!  The other night me and some of the blogger girls went along to an Edinburgh Science Festival event and met up for dinner at the new Clerks Bar first.  We'd all been drooling over the menu before we arrived so I was pretty set on pulled pork (my fave) and sweet potato fries and was not disappointed.  The pulled pork portion was MASSIVE and it was only £7 so a definite bargain.  The sweet potato fries were perfect too, nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just how I like them.  Will definitely be coming back here with B for dinner soon.

Chicken & spinach pasta
We had roast chicken at the weekend and I ended up using the leftovers to make lunch for my whole week which is pretty thrify of me!  I combined the cooked chicken with wholemeal pasta, spinach, pine nuts, and chilli & tomato pesto and it was amaaazing.  I've been terrible with lunch recently and have pretty much bought a sandwich and popcorn from Pret every day for 2 months which is a massive waste of money and is also a ridiculous amount of calories so I need to start doing this more often.

Chicken thighs with white wine & lemon
This is fast becoming one of my favourite meals - I think I've made it about 5 times in the last 2 months.  It's super simple to make and is really full of flavour, the perfect cheats way to make a roast.  All you need to do is brown some chicken thighs (seasoned with salt & pepper) in a little spray oil, add around 300mls of white wine and the juice of one lemon, simmer for about 15 mins (until the liquid has reduced), add some parsley and serve.

So that's what I've been eating over the last week or so (easter eggs, rosé wine and percy pigs not pictured), I think my favourite new things were the chicken & spinach pasta and the burgers so I'll definitely be making them again.  Have you got any good (ideally healthy) recipes you can share with me?  I need some inspiration!


  1. Love this post! You've given me some great meal ideas, thanks! :) xx
    Alison Speaks Beauty

  2. 'Fleshy little hairy balls' made me actually laugh out loud haha. Glad that you liked the strawberries though :)
    So many nice meals here! It sounds like a great idea to photograph meals that you both like so you can remember them x


  3. Ah all that food looks so good - especially those pancakes. We eat a lot of home made curries which are really tasty and cheap but they do take a bit of time preparing and such, other times we're just as happy with mac and cheese with hot dogs.

  4. I love these food posts, although they do make me a bit hungry. You should join MyFitnessPal! I started using it in January to track what I'm eating and I've dropped a dress size already. Not exactly dramatic weight loss, but I've been eating pretty much what I want (in moderation) and the hanger hasn't overtaken me yet. It's good for slow and responsible weight loss. Plus if you join we can be friends! I'm a saddo and only have like 3 buddies on there, haha x