Spring Fashion Haul | ASOS, Primark & New Look

Monday, 24 March 2014

I thought it was about time I posted this long overdue haul - some of the things featured here were bought about 6 weeks ago but I've been so lazy about taking photos that I just kept putting it off.  I had a spontaneous burst of productivity this weekend though so after having a massive wardrobe clear out I decided to take photos of all my new stuff and finally write it up.  

Most of the stuff was bought just before my Copenhagen holiday and then the rest is just random shopping that I've done at the weekends.  I apologise for not including prices for most of the Primark stuff but the receipts have been binned as I bought things so long ago.

This dress was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase and I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to wear it.  It's a great little summer dress and the pattern is even more neon in real life.  The only annoying thing is that it's got a cut out back so I'll definitely need to wear it with a cardi or with a top underneath.


primark - £10
I picked this up as I was on my way to the till so didn't even try it on (normally a Primark no-no), but it was just too pretty to pass by.  I think it will look great with a white top in the summer or paired with some pastel accessories.


new look - £12.99 (link)
As seen in this OOTD post, this is fast becoming my favourite smart/casual top for work, paired with a statement necklace.

new look - £12.99 (link)
I really liked this when I tried it on in the shop but now that I've got it home every time I put it on I feel like it looks like a nurses smock!

new look
Back in the 90's these cut out/cold shoulder tops were all the rage and I had a few tops like this in my wardrobe.  I bought this from the ASOS website (no longer online) when I ordered my coat and bag which are coming up below, I thought it would be good for the holiday as Copenhagen was forecast to be a bit chilly.

new look - £4
I picked this up in the New Look clearance section last time I was in one of their stores.  I'm not that keen on the pattern but I really love the style and I'm a bit obsessed with grey.  It's very oversized - I bought 1 size down but could have done with going down further as it's still pretty huge.

new look - £24.99 (link)
I bought this jacket as I decided I needed something a bit smarter for going out to client meetings as my khaki leather sleeved Primark number wasn't really cutting it!

asos - £39 (link)
This was a last minute buy before we went on holiday as I really wanted a jacket with a hood and struggled to find something that wasn't padded anywhere so the minute I saw this on ASOS I knew it was ideal (plus it was in the sale!).  I don't know if it's just the style but it is really massive so I'd advise sizing down.  Unfortunately as it arrived the day before the hol I couldn't return it so just had to keep it even though it's a bit too big (I've been wearing it open with a scarf most days, or sticking a belt round the middle to cinch it in).

asos - £18 (link)
Ahhh the bag of dreams!!  I love this, it's so cute and the colour is totally perfect for spring.  What a babe.


I'm cheating slightly here as only the silver & pastel necklace (Primark) was bought by myself, the rest are all birthday presents, but as they are still new additions to my collection I thought I'd just include them here anyway.  I'm totally in love with the pastel one - it looks great with the black & grey top and the the purple cold shoulder top listed above.


  1. I love the New Look jacket. It's gorgeous.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Ahhh that Primark dress is gorgeous, the colours are amazing! Lovely haul :) xxx

  3. Love your bag and the necklaces are pure beaut! xx