Saturday, 22 March 2014

So I've finally got round to writing about my epic weekend in Copenhagen which, if you read my post last week, you'll know ended up being prettaaaay special.  This post is a bit of a beast so you might want to grab a drink and get comfortable…..

Day one
We arrived in Copenhagen early in the evening on Friday, and after checking into our hotel we went straight out for dinner at an Italian over the road - Restaurante Vesuvio.  After stuffing ourselves with yummy pizzas we went in search of a nearby shop to stock up on water and chocolate goodies (our first stop on every holiday!) before settling in for the night.  Their English TV channel was showing The Dark Knight so that was a nice wee treat.


Day two
Saturday morning we were up bright and early for a fun day of sightseeing.  First stop was Christianborg Palace which is where the Danish government sit.  I'd planned on us going in here for a wander round, and had been looking forward to visiting the ruins under the building in particular but unfortunately we found the place completely closed so I'm guessing there was some sort of function on which was a bit of shame.

Next up we went in search of a fountain from a scene in the TV show Borgen that we both love, I'd read that it was at the library but when we got there we couldn't find it so ended up going into the Jewish Museum instead as it was one of the free attractions on our Copenhagen Card list.  The Copenhagen Card was a travel pass I'd bought which not only got us free travel on all buses and metro, but also free entry to around 70 attractions - I'd definitely recommend getting this if you're visiting the city as if you're planning on visiting lots of attractions it ends up saving you quite a lot of money.  Every attraction we visited was included in the pass so all we paid for during the holiday was food and drink (and some souvenirs at the airport!).


After the museum we walked along to the postcard pretty Nyhavn, stopping on the way for a jump on the sidewalk trampolines (normal....).  Nyhavn is one of the most touristy areas in the city so it was the busiest place we'd seen so far.  It was lunchtime too so all the cafes were fit to burst with people sitting at tables outside enjoying the glorious sunshine.  We ended up stopping for some churros and ice cream at a little shop - they were probably hideously overpriced but omg they tasted so bloody good.  After our naughty pit stop we walked along to Amelienborg Palace, where the Danish Royal Family live.  You can go on a tour round several of the rooms in the palace (obviously the bits where the current royal family don't stay in) which have been preserved as they were back when older generations lived there - it's like stepping back in time!


Afterwards we walked to the waterfront and sat in front of the Opera House whilst sharing a hot dog in the sunshine.  The last thing on our Saturday list was The Little Mermaid which is one of the most well known attractions in Copenhagen.  We got a bus out to the pier area and after walking the length of the pier and back we FINALLY found it, and wow, it was not worth the trip at all.  Seriously, unless you're desperate to see it don't bother.

That night we went for dinner at XO Burgers & Steak which again wasn't far from the hotel.  The service was pretty slow but the staff were really nice and apologetic about it so we weren't too bothered.  Plus the food was great - we both had steaks and they were bloody beautiful, plus I had a strawberry margarita which was literally like drinking a pure strawberry smoothie, yum yum yum.  The rest of the evening was spent in a food coma whilst having a Parks & Recreation marathon in our hotel room (thank you Tunnel Bear - you make holidaying with Netflix so easy).


Day three
On Sunday we started off with a walk in a nice little park near our hotel called Ørstedparken which I'd seen in Esteé's Copenhagen vlog.  This ended up being the scene of a pretty special moment the next day!  Next we went to visit the Rosenborg Castle which was the old royal residence and is pretty much in its original state.  I love visiting places like this and soaking up all the history, imagining what it would have been like to be there when kings and queens were partying it up in the great hall.


After the history lesson we got a bus out to Copenhagen Zoo where we spent the rest of the afternoon.  There's actually two parts to the zoo, and you go through a tunnel to get to the park on the other side of the road where the African animals live (alongside the petting farm.  Seems sensible).  After an hour or two we both started to feel pretty knackered though as we'd done a lot of walking over the last 48 hours (and I'm lazy so it was tiring) so once we got back to the hotel I had a cheeky nap. 

For our last night we decided to do something a bit different, and after discovering that there was a cinema just across the street we thought we'd go along and see if they were showing any films in English.  Luckily they had a screening of Her (or "Hende") so off we went for our first Danish cinema experience.  The place reminded me a bit of the Cameo in Edinburgh with its intimate screen and big old style cinema seats.  They also had seats up the sides too (like in a theatre) which I thought looked pretty cool.

After the film we went out for a late dinner at Biscaya tapas bar, again handily located just over the road from the hotel, and right next door to the cinema.  As it was 9pm on a Sunday the place was almost empty so we were served super quick (restaurants in Copenhagen seem to be open to around midnight most nights which is awesome) and oh my god it was honestly the BEST tapas we have ever eaten.  Everything we tried just tasted amazing, from the queso frito (fried cheese) to the chicken croquetas to the chistorra sausage and the spicy meatballs, even the classic patatas bravas tasted better than ever.  Definitely recommend trying here if you're in the city.


Day four
Next morning Blair suggested we went for breakfast in Ørstedparken before checking out so we went to the coffee shop next door for some take-out drinks and pastries.  If you've read my post from last week you'll know that what happened next was pretty exciting - he proposed!  I was pretty much stunned into silence so the rest of the afternoon feels like a bit of a dream, but after popping back to the hotel to checkout we went over the road to visit the City Hall.  When I booked our hotel one of the main selling points was the view of the main square and city hall but unfortunately they were building a new metro stop directly opposite so it was basically a view of a building site, oh well!

Determined to make the most out of our Copenhagen Card we popped into the Hans Christian Andersen museum next door and it's safe to say this is definitely one more for the kids than adults….even in our happy little post-engagement bubble we didn't find it that exciting.


After picking up our cases from the hotel we took a bus out to the aquarium The Blue Planet which is quite near the airport.  This was good fun although there was a distinct lack of sharks which was a bit disappointing, haha.

After an hour or two we got back on the bus out to the airport, although in hindsight we could have walked as it was pretty much the next stop.  We were early with like 2 hours until our flight so we had an early dinner at Prego (airport food has never tasted so good) and then looked round the shops before boarding the flight back to Edinburgh.

So there we go, that was Copenhagen.  It's certainly a holiday I won't ever forget, given that it's now the setting of our engagement story.  It's a really lovely city too, in a way it reminds me of Edinburgh, perhaps crossed with a bit of Amsterdam and a touch of Budapest (haha).  For ref the hotel we stayed at was The Square - despite the view not being what I expected I would still recommend the hotel, after all the metro works aren't their fault!  The location was great, walking distance to lots of attractions, on the main bus route from the airport, 2 minutes from the central train station, and near lots of great restaurants - seriously every meal we had this holiday was amazing, nothing was cheap but it was worth it.  The hotel was also right next to the famous Tivoli amusement park which unfortunately isn't open this time of year - so if we go back I definitely want to pay this a visit.


  1. The Blue Planet looks amazing. I work in an aquarium so I always love seeing fish! Copenhagen looks wonderful. Congratulations on your engagement!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Never been to Copenhagen, or really thought of going but your photos make it look really pretty so I might add it to my list now!

    Congratulations again xx

  3. You know we're related to the Princess right? Should have went to say hello!