Valentines Weekend Vlog

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

This weekend I did a bit of vlogging as (for once) I actually had some exciting plans.  Here's what I got up to:

On Thursday evening I met up with Gillian, Laura & Kirsty for burgers and cocktails at 56 North - a nice wee "Galentines" dinner to kick off the Valentines weekend.  I've been here a few times now for food and it's always been really good - they do a 2 courses for £10 offer and they even have a selection of cocktails for just £3.95 so it's a pretty cheap night.  After stuffing ourselves and having a good old gossip we met up with Lianne and walked along to The Southsider for their relaunch event.  Now stupidly we didn't think we would be getting fed here, hence the burgers beforehand, but once we were seated (drinks tokens in hand - wahey) they started bringing us out tasting platters from the menu with things like chicken wings, mini burgers, pizza, sweet potato fries and hot dogs....hello food coma!

I used to go here quite a lot back when I was in uni, mainly for their pub quiz, and I even lived pretty much round the corner for a while so it was nice being back in my old stomping ground for the night.  The place has been totally spruced up since I was last there though, thanks to a recent £100,000 refurbishment - although it still has that nice traditional pub feel.

I don't really buy into the whole Valentines Day thing and in the 5.5 years Blair and I have been together I think we've only gone out for a Valentines meal like once or twice.  So instead of paying a fortune for a candlelit meal in a restaurant surrounded by other couples we stayed in and enjoyed a 3 course meal with cocktails in the flat.  I made up scallops and chorizo to start, followed by spinach and ricotta pasta, then chocolate and caramel tart for dessert.  Yum yum yum!

I didn't do anything of note on Saturday but on Sunday afternoon we went to our first ever drive-in movie experience at Ingliston (next to Edinburgh Airport).  I'd been invited by Itison to come to their Top Gun showing and having never been to a drive-in before I jumped at the chance (despite Top Gun not really being my cup of tea!).  A full write up is coming soon, but in brief it was really cool and I hope they do more of them through the year.


  1. Yayyyy! Looks like such a nice weekend. More Blair next time pleases! Ha xx

  2. I'm jealous, I wanted to go to one of the drive-in movies but I was in London! Landed on Sunday evening could see it from the plane :) x

  3. Such a great weekend! Your valentines dinner sounds delish. So fun seeing you on Thursday. I really wanted to go to the drive in movie but we were stuck packing, rubbish. Next time! xx