Stranded at the Drive In

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I don't know about you, but I can't hear the phrase "drive in" without bursting into the Grease soundtrack.

So this weekend I threw on my leathers (not really) and drove down to Ingliston with my T-Dog (or B-Dog) for our very own drive in movie experience.  Itison had kindly invited us along to their Valentines drive-in movie night and having never been to one before I totally jumped at the chance (commiserations to all my blogger pals without cars who had to turn it down - SUCKS TO BE YOU! :P).

If you've never been to a drive in before basically you park up your car, tune the radio to the advertised station and sit back and enjoy the film. The gates open 1.5hrs before the film starts so you've got plenty time to get food etc before it kicks off.  Street Food Cartel were there selling pizzas, nachos and popcorn - I went for pulled pork nachos (YUM) whilst Blair had a pizza, and given that it disappeared in about 3 minutes I think he enjoyed his too!  We'd also stopped off at Tesco on the way for some chocolate so once the film started we reclined our seats, put up our hoodies (yeah it's cold sitting in a car with the engine off) and tucked in.  

The film being shown was Top Gun, and despite this being a total classic I had never actually seen it so what better way to experience Goose and Maverick for the first time than on an outdoor screen beside an actual flipping airport runway?!  Seriously, it felt unbelievably cool watching a film about planes (that's my full film synposis right there) whilst real life planes were taking off in the background.  If they do more of these through the year then I'm definitely up for going again, I loved the novelty of being in the comfort of your own car whilst watching a film - I was so tempted to come in my PJs!

If you want to see more of my drive-in movie experience then I vlogged my whole Valentines weekend which you can see on my youtube channel.

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  1. I'd love to do something like this! Looks fantastic! I really love seeing films in different places x