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Sunday, 12 January 2014
You've heard me talk quite a lot about my Scottish blogger pals on here before, and one thing we've been meaning to do for a while is start filming some videos for Youtube.  I vlogged our wee holiday that we went on at the end of last year (which you can view here) but we fancied doing some proper sit down chatty videos so on Friday night I had a few of the girls over and we filmed not one but TWO videos, the first of which is live now.  

The videos are a "Best of 2013" type tag with us answering questions about our favourite things from 2013 and our hopes for 2014.  In Part 1, which you can view below, we discuss all things beauty and blogging with questions ranging from our favourite makeup & skincare products of 2013 to our blogging resolutions for 2014.

We had a lot of fun filming the videos so are planning on getting together through the year to do more - we fancy doing some fun tags like the blindfolded makeup challenge so I look forward to those!

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