Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle Review | Reviews-Day Tuesday

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I went searching for this volumising spray in Boots after seeing Hannah from Away With The Fairies use it in a Get Ready With Me video (you can see my mini Boots haul in Day 2 of my Vlogmanay series).

This is a root boost type spray that claims to give you the texture and volume of backcombing from a spray (hence the name "backcomb in a bottle").

I've been desperate to find something that actually gives my hair lasting volume for what feels like forever - my hair is terrible for holding any type of volume and I generally have to spend the day "jujing" my hair to stop it looking totally flat.

I had quite high hopes for this as when I watched Hannah's video it did appear to give her hair lots of backcomb-like volume but on me it pretty much does nothing.  To be honest it doesn't feel much different to hairspray, and when I spray it on the roots and give it a "juj" (as it says on the bottle) all that happens is I have slightly crispier roots than I did previously.  

So for me it's a bit of a fail and I definitely wouldn't repurchase - I could get the same effect with hairspray. Looks like I'll be sticking with actual backcombing if I want any decent volume for the foreseeable future, meh.


  1. That ioss such a shame. It looks liek a good product :-(

  2. That's a shame because 5 quid is substantial for hair spray you'd expect better results!