My 13 Favourite Blog Posts of 2013

Sunday, 5 January 2014

This is going to be my final "end of year" round up type post, with us back to business as usual this week (yeah I realise I'm milking it a bit given that it's the 5th of Jan!).  Keep an eye out tomorrow for a quick post explaining what my plans are for this wee blog in 2014 - I'm definitely going to try be more organised and stick to some sort of schedule, so I'll be explaining a bit more about that tomorrow.

For this final "2013 summary' post though I've gone back through the Cocktails & Daydreams archives and picked my 13 favourite posts from the last year.  I seemed to gain most of my followers in the second half of the year so it's quite likely that most of you haven't read many of my earlier posts so hopefully this highlights at least a couple of things you haven't seen before.

50 Facts - Feb 13
Twenty Eight - Mar 13
Five Things - Aug 13

Also, as this has been a bit of a selfish post (ooh come and look at all the things I've written, aren't I clever?!) I've also picked some of my favourite posts from a few of my favourite bloggers of 2013.

Dainty Dresses - 15 Facts About Prince
A Thrifty Mrs - Meal Planning
Little Winter - Perfect v Reality
Gh0stparties - Hey It's OK

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  1. Ah this is such a good idea, may have to borrow this for a post next week! I think your diary posts are probably my favourite EVER, too good. Wish I'd kept all my old diaries, I'm pretty sure they'd be equally cringey! x