Bard's Burger at Tempus Edinburgh

Saturday, 25 January 2014
Tempus cocktail menu
Elderflower Tattoo cocktail at Tempus
Schnapp Happy cocktail at Tempus
Bread board at Tempus
Bards Burger at Tempus
Laura and Gillian at Tempus
Kirsty & Lynne at Tempus

On Thursday night myself, Gillian, Laura, and Kirsty were invited to dinner at Tempus at the George Hotel in Edinburgh.  The last time we all went to Tempus for a blogger event was in the summer and it was ace (we still talk about it now!) so we were all pretty excited at the prospect of MORE FOOD wooo! This time we were there to sample their new Bard's Burger which has been created by chef Stewart Jarvie as part of this years' Burns Night celebrations.  Now I bloody love a burger so there's no way I was turning that invitation down.

The Bard's Burger is a half pound beauty made with haggis and venison mince topped with Isle of Mull cheddar, served with redcurrant chutney, jenga neeps and jenga chips. To be honest, on paper I thought a mix of venison and haggis sounded a bit odd - I think of them as both being pretty strong flavours so wasn't sure how they would taste together but I was pleasantly surprised.  Also this was actually the first time I'd ever tried venison so wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but it was absolutely delicious and really complemented the peppery haggis.  

Having eaten at Tempus before I knew how amazing their chips were (big, chunky slabs of crispy potato - oh my) but was curious as to what "jenga chips" were and after thinking for about a day that jenga was some sort of funky spice it suddenly hit me that it's because they stack the chips like Jenga tiles on the plate....what an idiot.  

We washed our massive burgers down with yummy cocktails like Elderflower Tattoo and Schnapp Happy and had a nice wee evening catching up and chatting excitedly about our Friday night plans, as a big group of us were going out for tapas and karaoke (I'm currently writing this on Friday afternoon and am about to go film a get ready with me video and take some OOTD pictures - yaaaay I love a girly night out!).  

All in all it was a no bad way to spend a Thursday evening - this was my 3rd visit to Tempus for a meal and it's rapidly becoming one of my favourite places to eat in Edinburgh.  The venue, particularly the restaurant section through the back, has a really grand feel but the prices are still pretty reasonable for George Street and the menu has a lot of choice without being too overwhelming (including vegetarian and gluten free options).  I've started including it in my list of recommended restaurants when asked by friends and family (along with Cafe Andaluz, Le Monde and Amarone if you're interested), so would definitely encourage you to give it a try.

The Bard's Burger is available at Tempus until the 26th of January for £15 per person - so get in there quick! One thing I would say though is that the burger is HUGE and really filling, so don't bother with starters unless you don't mind rolling home.


  1. Ooo great review Lynne :D I love a really good burger too! This one above looks dynamite, I can't believe it's so big! haha the chips look fantastic too - i love playing jenga :P Think I'll need to visit this place next time it's date night with my boyf :)