Automatic | Throwback Thursday

Thursday, 16 January 2014
As I said at the start of the year my 2014 blog schedule is going to include a Throwback Thursday themed post every week which could be a photo, a diary entry, an outfit, or a song.  Well today is a Throwback Thursday TUNE which means it's a song that reminds me of a particular time in my life or a specific memory.  In this case it's Automatic High by S Club Juniors which reminds me of a high school house party when I was 17.  In particular it reminds me of kissing a boy in my friends' conservatory…

(you'll have to click the watch on youtube link)

It was a typical Saturday night party round at one of my friends, about 20 odd people from our year at school were there (plus a couple of random older guys, as always seems to happen at these sort of parties), we were all drinking far too much, there were groups forming in various rooms of the house (always starts with the kitchen), a few people dancing round the living room, a few bedrooms occupied by newly formed couples, one or two people vomiting in the garden….you know, the usual.  

I was in the conservatory with some of my friends and a boy I'd fancied for ages, and after trying the old "ignore them so they'll want you more" technique all night it actually worked and I FINALLY ended up kissing him whilst this song played in the background (because no house party was complete without some S Club Juniors apparently…).  We'll ignore the fact that he later was so drunk that he threw up in several rooms of the house….I still take that as a win.


  1. S Club 7 were the soundtrack to my childhood, as were S Club Juniors. This song is totally going to be in my head aaaall day now!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Haha I remember going to see them in concert was actually looking at what they all look like now and wow they look different

    Carrieanne x