All at Sea | Throwback Thursday

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Today's Throwback Thursday doesn't feel like all that long ago but the photo is actually 7 years old.  It was taken on a family cruise of the med in the year I graduated uni (it was also my parents 50th birthdays, their 25th wedding anniversary, and my sisters 18th birthday).  

How terrible is that outfit though....a too tight t-shirt with a weird childish floral pattern, paired with black leggings and a black cardigan (which just looks odd against the white and pink).  I remember really liking this outfit at the time too, how things change!

This was also not long after I got my hair cut into a short blond bob which I thought was really cool at the time but now when I look back it made me look so OLD.

So all in all, looking goooood.

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