Video: Get Ready With Me

Friday, 27 December 2013
I know it's a bit of a cop out to do a blog post that is actually just a video but hey, it's the Christmas holidays and I'm being lazy, so sue me.

This is my first ever "Get Ready With Me" video - I love watching these and I've been meaning for ages to film my own but never seem to have time to set up the camera and stuff whilst getting ready in the morning.  As I'm off work on holiday at the moment though I took the opportunity to film this video and OH MY GOD what a hassle it was!  Mainly due to my camera and its stroppy ways - it's taken to freezing and then turning itself off (with that clip then completely failing) so that happened after I'd done up to my concealer meaning I'd lost about 5 minutes.  I was planning on just adding an intro card explaining that the first part had got lost, but then after finishing my makeup I realised I'd FORGOTTEN TO PRESS RECORD(!) so the whole thing was a complete write off and I had to remove my makeup and start again.  The second time around I kept stopping every 2 minutes so I had lots of little clips, thus avoiding the freezing issue, but it still happened another few times so some bits are missing or are shorter than they should be.  ANYWAY….camera issues aside it turned out ok, and I've since bought myself a new camera in the John Lewis sale (this one) which I'll pick up in a few days so all going well I should be able to do hassle free filming in the new year.

Whilst on the topic of videos, I've been doing some daily vlogging the last few days in a series I'm calling "Vlogmanay" (i.e. daily vlogs between Christmas and New Year/Hogmanay) so keep an eye on my Youtube channel for those (day 1 is already up).  I've just been using my iPhone which has made my life a lot easier!

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