Scottish Bloggers Secret Santa: Part 1

Saturday, 14 December 2013
This year I decided to take part in the Secret Santa gift swap being organised by the Scottish Bloggers Network.  I loved the idea of being given a specific blogger to buy a present for, as I find it so much more fun buying gifts for people if I know who it's aimed at (it's so much harder to buy something generic that everyone will like).  We were each emailed details of the blogger who we were to buy for so I put my detective hat on and went off to do some research / stalking of my giftee (is that the word?!). 

I'd been assigned Judith from The Wee Blondie, and whilst scoping out her Twitter and Instagram I saw she'd tweeted a picture of Aaron Paul and I pretty much knew then what I was going to get her.  A few weeks before I'd bought some birthday gifts for B on Living in La La Land and had seen this AMAZING Jesse Pinkman ring - it was perfect!  I added to that some cute Christmassy socks from Topshop and some sweeties.

I saw some chat on Twitter from other girls who are taking part about whether or not we should reveal ourselves when we send the gift - I know that I'd like to know who gave me mine, so I decided to reveal in my gift too but I wanted to do something fun with it so I made up a little crossword puzzle where the clues revealed the name of my blog :)  It sounds sad, I know, but I think it's fun...hopefully Judith does too and doesn't just think I'm some sort of crazy person!

I'm going to push this post live once I know she's opened the present as it would be a shame if she stumbled across this post first!  I'll also do a part 2 where I'll show you what I get in my Secret Santa when it arrives - I hope I find out who it is too so I can get in touch and say thank you! :)

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