Scottish Bloggers Holiday

Monday, 16 December 2013

A few weekends ago myself and 6 of my best blogger pals went off on a little holiday in the Highlands.  Now if you follow me or any of the other girls on Twitter or Instagram you're probably sick fed up of hearing about it since we pretty much tweeted and posted photos allllll weekend, but I'm going to go on about it some more here so I'm sorry (not sorry).

We booked the trip waaay back in the summer when Laura spotted a deal on 5pm for a cottage break at Moness Resort in Aberfeldy.  It was an absolute bargain for a 3 bedroom cottage so we quickly snapped it up and then spent months getting excited about our wee holiday.  By the time the weekend rolled around we were like a bunch of excited kids on Christmas Eve - honestly you'd think none of us had been on holiday before - so we had one excitable mini bus journey up to Aberfeldy (thanks to Iona's dad who was an absolute gem and drove us there and back).  

The cottage we stayed in was AMAZING - so much better than we could have ever expected.  It had 2 floors, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the ground floor and then a huge open plan kitchen/living room upstairs with a seperate dining area.  When we arrived most of the girls immediately ran upstairs to check out the main room but I was sensible/sneaky and quickly identified the best bedroom and bagsied it for me and Kirsty (ha-HA!).  So we ended up with what was clearly the "parents" bedroom as it was huge and had an ensuite, and for the rest of the holiday we were the designated "mummy and daddy".

We spent the first night playing Cranium in PJ's and onesies whilst drinking various cocktail concotions.  If you haven't played it before, Cranium is the ideal party board game - you are in teams and there are different categories so you can go from doing charades to humming songs to drawing blindfolded to making random objects out of playdoh - basically lots of fun.  Add to that a lot of alcohol and you got yourself a part-aaay.

The next morning surprisingly there were no bad hangovers, so after a relaxing morning sitting around chatting and watching Elf we went out for a little walk down to Aberfeldy (stopping on the way for #OOTD photoshoots!).  It was the Aberfeldy Festive Fun Day on the Saturday which was some superb accidental timing on our part, so there were local stalls selling food and gifts, a band playing on stage, and lots of proper small-town tradition with a local kids dance groups putting on a performance and prizes being given out for fancy dress - very cute!  We also saw the local Christmas lights being switched on which was nice and put us all in the festive mood so we popped to a pub for a wee mulled cider afterwards.

Later that evening (after more games and cocktails) we came back into town again for dinner at the Black Watch Inn.  The food here was lovely, I had garlic mushrooms to start followed by fish and chips (this was soooo good) and then we got a selection of desserts to share because even though we were all stuffed, they sounded too good to ignore. 

After all that food we practically had to roll ourselves back to the cottage (uphill....noooo!) where we all put our PJ's back on and plonked ourselves on the sofas (or lay on the floor if you're Laura) for some more games before admitting defeat and heading to bed for our last night (sob sob).

The next morning after packing up and leaving our cases at reception we took a somewhat subdued walk into town, all feeling a bit sad that we were going home.  Little did we know that in half an hours time we'd be having the BEST FUN EVER though, as after discovering that all the shops were closed (us city girls are used to Sundays being a normal shopping day) we started wandering around the residential streets and stumbled across the local park.  In said park was a play area with a slide and a tire swing and some spinny things and OMG it looked like so much fun, so once the local teenagers had left (ha) we ran straight in.  This ended up being one of the best bits of the whole weekend - we had SUCH a laugh playing on everything, although some of us had a little bit too much fun and had to stop because we felt sick (the perils of getting old).  

...probably on Instagram, lol

After we'd tired ourselves out we went for a pub lunch before going back to the cottage to be picked up and driven home.  The journey home was a hell of a lot quieter than the one on Friday, with a few of us having a cheeky snooze.  Once back in Edinburgh I think most of us went straight home for a rest - it's amazing how much a "relaxing weekend" can take it out of you!

I vlogged the whole trip so if you have a spare 20 minutes (again, sorry-not-sorry) then you can watch our little happy faces as stock up on booze and carbs in Tesco, act like idiots playing Cranium, drink lots and lots of cocktails, and run about in a kids playpark squeeling with joy.  Lynsey also vlogged so keep an eye on her channel for the video coming soon.

I honestly had one of the best weekends EVER and I love these girls to bits - it's funny to think that if I hadn't started this blog we never would have met, and as one of us put it during dinner on the first night "I think we are REAL pals now".  Awww.


  1. I came across your blog over the weekend, and this entry made me smile - I stayed at Moness earlier this year and really enjoyed it too. We stayed in a room in the main building, but I'd love to stay in a lodge next time as the walls were paper thin and there seemed to be an elephant in the room above us! Did you use the pool and stuff, we thought the facilities were really good.

  2. Would definitely recommend going back and staying in one of the cottages/lodges. We didn't use the pool or go to the restaurant or anything, although we did pop our heads into the pool area to have a look and it seemed nice but was full of kids, lol. x