Winter Casuals

Friday, 22 November 2013

As you can probably tell from my old What I Wore This Month posts (should really resurrect that series at some point....) I'm definitely a dresses girl.  In fact, up until a few weeks ago I'd say I spent 80% of my outside-of-the-house time in either a dress or a skirt.  Now that the weather has been getting chilly though I've been finding myself moving away from my usual style and going a bit more casual.  I even went to the pub the other week in jeans and a jumper with my hair up in a ponytail...6 months ago I wouldn't be seen dead in a pub unless I was in a nice dress and had my hair done properly - I feel like I'm growing up!

In fact in the last few weeks my day-to-day wardrobe has basically transformed from being all dresses, cardigans, tights and ankle boots to skinny jeans, cosy jumpers and statement necklaces.  Believe it or not though I actually only own 1 pair of jeans (incredibly comfortable jeggings from Dorothy Perkins) - I should probably buy some new ones soon as I hate having to wash them so often!

As I'm currently in the market for some new jeans, and embracing my new casual style, I've put together some winter fashion inspiration based around my pick of womens jeans at K&Co*.

This post was written in collaboration with K&Co.

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