Urban Glasgow Menu Launch

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

As I said in my October Life Update, it's been a busy few weeks for restaurant events in Scotland as after attending The West Port and The Hope launches recently I was through in Glasgow again the other week for a menu launch party at Urban Bar & Brasserie.

This is another handily located bar/restaurant, just a few minutes walk from Queen Street station on St Vincent Street (which was lucky for us as it was raining on the night of the event!).  The venue is pretty special - hard wood floors, dark leather seats and a beautiful piano in the corner (where a band of sweet old men played jazz all night).  

We got to try out lots of different dishes from the new menu during the night, including Marrbury smoked salmon, duck confit salad, chicken liver parfait with red onion marmalade, fish goujons & chips, mini beef burgers with mature cheddar cheese, and fishcakes with red pepper & black bean salsa, finished off with lemon posset with blueberries, parma violet créme brulee and pecan chocolate brownies. My personal favourites were the chips (ha, how typical of me - but they were really good!) and the banana ice cream with butterscotch sauce and meringue pieces.  


The event was a busy affair (I think the entire Glasgow blogging community had turned out) and to be honest it felt like there were too many people there.  It wasn't a proper sit down event like say Tempus or West Port were and as most people were standing it mean there was a bit of a race to the food every time a new dish was added, also they ran out of plates and cutlery a couple of times, and staff seemed rushed off their feet.  I feel quite bad moaning considering it was an event where I was given FREE food and drink, and I hope it doesn't come across as me being ungrateful but I just want to be honest.  The venue was lovely though and I enjoyed the food so maybe in different circumstances (e.g. a quiet meal) I'd enjoy it more.

I don't want to end on a slightly sour note so I'll add that their daiquiris were delish - any blogger event that serves cocktails can't be all bad!


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