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Thursday, 28 November 2013

I was back at my parents house at the weekend and ended up looking through our boxes of old photos from when I was wee.  I had a good laugh at some of the terrible 80s and 90s fashion and thought it would be fun to upload some of the photos to the blog as part of an epic #throwbackthursday related outfit of the day post.

Nice bit of colour blocking here.  Also good to see I'm still rocking the waist belt and cardigan look - classic.

Technically not an outfit but too funny to not keep in.  Like a young Madonna.

Classic dance moves there.  Rocking neon the first time round.

Shiny material and puffball sleeves, could this outfit be any 80's??  Funnily enough though, I actually wore a more grown up version of this dress to a Christmas party a few years ago….

blue dress
too much boob and too much tan

Statement trousers and a tie waist shirt - this could be an outfit from summer 2013.  That hair though, and the clumpy shoes!

Channeling Blossom in my most memorable Christmas party outfit.  Flouncy shirt, velvet waistcoat, jewelled brooch and a floppy hat.  What a look.

Well that was fun!  I might look out more photos next time I'm back and do another #throwbackthursdayootd next year - can't go wrong with a post full of embarrassing old photos.

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