Melvita Micellar Water Review

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Melvita Micellar Water Review

Over the last year micellar / cleansing waters have become a staple part of my daily skincare routine – with me using them in the evening to remove my makeup before going in with a "proper" cleanser.  I've tried a couple of different brands, like Bioderma (every bit as good as people say it is - see my review here) and L'Oréal (also good, and cheap too), but am always happy to shop around and try something new.

A few months back I went to a FABB event in Glasgow (a kind of bloggers fair where you can meet other bloggers and chat to brands) and in our goodie bags there was a little bottle of Melvita Micellar Water (£15.50 for 200ml) so I've been using this as my makeup remover for the last week and now that my sample is empty I thought I'd do a review to share my thoughts.

For me there are 2 main features I want from a micellar water: 1) it should make make-up removal quick and painless, even with waterproof mascara, and 2) it should leave my skin feeling clean and fresh without leaving a residue.  Unfortunately the Melvita Micellar Water doesn't quite tick both of those boxes for me.

First up, the makeup removal part.  When using this I've soaked a couple of cotton pads with the product and then held each on my face for about 10 seconds (longer on the eyes, particularly if using a tough mascara) before sweeping the makeup off.  While it does do a pretty good job of dissolving the makeup, even waterproof mascara like my beloved Clinique High Impact, it doesn't really *remove* it, it just sort of ends up being smeared over your face.  I found that it would take me quite a few pads to get everything off, as I had to keep going over areas where eye makeup had then smudged.  This is why the sample didn't last very long as I was using loads each time.

As I said above, the second thing I look for in a cleansing water is a product that will leave my face feeling clean without leaving a residue behind.  While this did leave my skin feeling nice and fresh and clean, I found it took ages to then dry so I still had that slightly wet skin feeling for about 15 minutes afterwards.  Now I realise this is maybe a weird thing to have an issue with, but it's one of my biggest bug bears with skincare – I absolutely hate feeling like there's product still on my skin.  It's the reason why it took me soooo long to find a decent moisturiser (Origins Make a Difference Plus you are a lifesaver) as if something hasn't sunk in and left my skin soft and non-sticky within like 5 minutes then I'm not happy.

There are some pros with the Melvita Micellar Water – it has a lovely fresh rose scent, and it's organic – and as I said earlier it does actually do a fairly good job at dissolving even tough makeup, but unfortunately due to the fact it tends to move product over your face rather remove product, and it doesn't pass my no-residue test, I can't say I'd purchase a full bottle.  I think it would maybe work well as a first thing in the morning cleanser, or as a toner (in fact it does feel more toner like than anything else) as it does feel nice and refreshing, but it's no makeup remover I'm afraid.

I've actually just repurchased the L'Oréal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution (what a mouthful) and I'm definitely a lot happier using this, it takes my makeup off really quickly and sinks in really fast too – tick tick!

Did any of you make it to the FABB event and get a sample of this to try?  What did you think?

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  1. Interesting post - thanks for being honest! I have dry sensitive skin, so I'm always interested in hearing how people take off their makeup gently.
    At the moment I'm actually using raw coconut oil to remove my mascara and it works amazingly, to be honest. It's very gentle and natural, smells nice and gets the job done without irritating my skin.
    I then use a cotton pad with Bioderma to take it all off, wash my face and moisturize afterwards.

    It seems to be working really well, but then again - my skin has seen better days, so I'm looking for something else still.

    Wonder what your skin type is... :)

    Renate from