Halloween 2013: Creepy Doll

Sunday, 3 November 2013
WoooOOOOooooOOOoooo!  That was my attempt at being a ghost, did I scare you?  Well I will in a second....

Gillian and Laura (enjoying some of the yummy cakes)
Kirsty, Adam & me

It's been a few good years since I've dressed up for halloween (I think it's a sign of getting old) but I went all out this year with a proper creepy costume which I wore to Gillians flat party last night.  I can't actually ever remember wearing a scary halloween costume before, in the past I've been a woodland fairy, a sheep, an army girl, and red riding hood (you can see some of these in my halloween post from last year) but never anything properly "halloweeny".  So I think I was making up for lost time this year as I actually scared myself with that creepy face!

I based the whole costume around the open-mouth face paint that I saw on Pinterest when searching for halloween costume ideas.  The minute I saw that I knew it was what I wanted to do, so I then decided that I'd wear it as a scary doll outfit.  The rest of it was pretty easy - I took this dress from Dorothy Perkins and sewed on a lace collar which I bought from this ebay seller.  To make the dress more "poofy" and doll like I added a white underskirt which I also got from ebay - this looked good but it wasn't the most comfortable thing to sit in (plus I kept forgetting how big it made my skirt so I did end up knocking a few things over whilst walking around the flat, oops).  I then added some red accessories, tying my hair in pigtails with some red ribbon at the ends and a red ribbon in a bow round my waist (also from ebay - it's technically Christmas ribbon, so I'm going to use the rest to wrap presents!) and the little flat shoes were from Primark.

The face was easier than it looks, I did originally plan to film a "get ready with me" video/tutorial but I forgot to charge my camera, doh!  On my face I did my normal primer/foundation/powder base and added quite a few layers of blusher (a Maybelline blush in plum) for that rosy cheeked look, and then dotted some fake freckles in black kohl.  I also then filled in my brows a bit darker than normal, even lightly going over with a black kohl pencil once I'd finished the whole look.

For my eyes I used a nude shadow from the Naked2 palette on my lids with brown in the crease to add definition and black kohl to add a thick smudgy line.  Underneath my eyes I drew a half moon shape in the kohl pencil and filled the space with white face paint (to give the impression of larger eyes).  To finish the eyes I added a pair of falsies on my top lashes (the Katy Perry Oh Honey ones) and then a second pair on the fake bottom lash line I'd just drawn (these were cheapy Primark ones).  

For the mouth I used a red lip paint from Lush on the top lip (extending this slightly as I've got quite a thin top lip) then white face paint on the bottom lip (I got a face paint trio from ebay).  Then I drew two lines down to my chin with the red lip paint, leading from the corners and then drew a fake lip on the chin line.  Above the fake lip I added a centimetre in white face paint, and then filled in the middle gap with black face paint.  Finally I drew black lines for teeth with the black face paint, and ta da - a scary doll face!

I had a really fun night with my favourite blogger girls eating lots of cakes (omg Gillian outdid herself with the baking - I'm dying to have another one of her red velvet cake pops), drinking punch and having a gossip and a giggle.  I'm off to London for work tomorrow and needed to be hangover free today to do some prep so I headed off at about 11.30ish leaving the rest of them to go dancing at The Hive - I imagine there may have been some sore heads this morning....!

Were you at a halloween party this weekend?  If you've written a blog post about your costume leave me a link below!


  1. Hahahah sneaky shot there Lynne! How beautiful do I look mid cake-nomming.. ;) Enjoy London! x

  2. Love how you did the doll makeup! Looks great!


  3. This looks like a great night! You're amazing doll :)x

  4. outfit looked great!