Christmas Wishlist: Makeup Edition

Friday, 15 November 2013
I've started doing some online window shopping this week for peoples' Christmas presents and have been building up a (secret) Pinterest board of ideas. At the same time I've been building my own Christmas Wishlist to help give my Mum and boyfriend (and anyone else) some tips on what I'd like. All of this has got me properly in the mood for Christmas and since I'm partial to a good wishlist I thought I'd do a little series of beauty & fashion Christmas lists.
I dug back through my archives to see when I started chatting all things Christmas last year as part of me was thinking that the 15th of November was a bit early for all of this but my first Christmas post was posted on the 31st of October last year....looks like I was a lot more on-the-ball in 2012!

First up is makeup, so here are some of the makeup items I am currently lusting after (I will definitely be purchasing some of these in the new year with any Christmas money/vouchers....).


  1. I love the Clique high impact mascara. I had a sample a while ago and it was amazing.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. The Clarins palette is so pretty! Planning on treating myself to a nice eyeshadow palette this year. xo