Retro OOTD (#TBT)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

I was back at my parents house at the weekend and ended up looking through our boxes of old photos from when I was wee.  I had a good laugh at some of the terrible 80s and 90s fashion and thought it would be fun to upload some of the photos to the blog as part of an epic #throwbackthursday related outfit of the day post.

Nice bit of colour blocking here.  Also good to see I'm still rocking the waist belt and cardigan look - classic.

Technically not an outfit but too funny to not keep in.  Like a young Madonna.

Classic dance moves there.  Rocking neon the first time round.

Shiny material and puffball sleeves, could this outfit be any 80's??  Funnily enough though, I actually wore a more grown up version of this dress to a Christmas party a few years ago….

blue dress
too much boob and too much tan

Statement trousers and a tie waist shirt - this could be an outfit from summer 2013.  That hair though, and the clumpy shoes!

Channeling Blossom in my most memorable Christmas party outfit.  Flouncy shirt, velvet waistcoat, jewelled brooch and a floppy hat.  What a look.

Well that was fun!  I might look out more photos next time I'm back and do another #throwbackthursdayootd next year - can't go wrong with a post full of embarrassing old photos.

Revolution Cocktail Masterclass

Monday, 25 November 2013

As I've said a few times before, one of the best things about blogging has been meeting lots of great people, and on Friday night I was out with some of my best blogging pals for Laura's 22nd birthday.

We started off at Revolution on Chambers Street for a cocktail masterclass.  I've always wanted to go to one of these, you know how much I love cocktails, and it ended up being a lot of fun - I'd definitely recommend it for a special occasion like a birthday or hen party.  We all got a chance to go behind the bar and follow a cocktail recipes - on my turn I made a Strawberry WooWoo - and along the way there were various nice and nasty shots given out for answering questions correctly or for messing up.  5 recipes later we were split into 2 teams for a final challenge which was basically a timed relay race where we had to make a cocktail and then down it - my team won by about a minute (we were pretty determined, lol).  Once the class was over we got to select a final cocktail from their disco menu and then took this upstairs where we had tables reserved for some much needed dinner (yeah cocktails and shots on an empty stomach isn't a good idea).

After dinner we went to another couple of bars for some drinks before going to our final destination…The Hive!  Despite living round the corner on the Cowgate for 3 years at uni I'd never actually been to The Hive before so was quite excited as the girls go on about it all the time so it was nice to finally experience it myself.  I had seriously lowered my expectations too as they'd described it as a place where "sweat drips from the ceiling" but it was actually a lot less grubby than I thought it would be, haha.  Plus the drinks were dirt cheap and the tunes were top notch - think Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Fountains of Wayne etc - amazing.

Needless to say I had a bit of a sore head come Saturday morning but it was definitely worth it.  I can't remember the last time I spent all night dancing and singing along at the top of my voice, and being surrounded by some of the best girls I know it was pretty awesome.

Speaking of blogger pals, 7 of us are off on a wee holiday to Aberfeldy this weekend to stay in a cottage (sorry I think I've probably been mentioning this on here for months but I'm just so excited!) - it's going to be 2 nights of good chat, good food, board games, PJs and pampering.  I think we're also going to put our new cocktail making skills to good use so I'm looking forward to a woo woo or two.  Will definitely take plenty photos all weekend and might even try fit in a cheeky vlog, so keep an eye out for an update next week!

Winter Casuals

Friday, 22 November 2013

As you can probably tell from my old What I Wore This Month posts (should really resurrect that series at some point....) I'm definitely a dresses girl.  In fact, up until a few weeks ago I'd say I spent 80% of my outside-of-the-house time in either a dress or a skirt.  Now that the weather has been getting chilly though I've been finding myself moving away from my usual style and going a bit more casual.  I even went to the pub the other week in jeans and a jumper with my hair up in a ponytail...6 months ago I wouldn't be seen dead in a pub unless I was in a nice dress and had my hair done properly - I feel like I'm growing up!

In fact in the last few weeks my day-to-day wardrobe has basically transformed from being all dresses, cardigans, tights and ankle boots to skinny jeans, cosy jumpers and statement necklaces.  Believe it or not though I actually only own 1 pair of jeans (incredibly comfortable jeggings from Dorothy Perkins) - I should probably buy some new ones soon as I hate having to wash them so often!

As I'm currently in the market for some new jeans, and embracing my new casual style, I've put together some winter fashion inspiration based around my pick of womens jeans at K&Co*.

This post was written in collaboration with K&Co.

Urban Glasgow Menu Launch

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

As I said in my October Life Update, it's been a busy few weeks for restaurant events in Scotland as after attending The West Port and The Hope launches recently I was through in Glasgow again the other week for a menu launch party at Urban Bar & Brasserie.

This is another handily located bar/restaurant, just a few minutes walk from Queen Street station on St Vincent Street (which was lucky for us as it was raining on the night of the event!).  The venue is pretty special - hard wood floors, dark leather seats and a beautiful piano in the corner (where a band of sweet old men played jazz all night).  

We got to try out lots of different dishes from the new menu during the night, including Marrbury smoked salmon, duck confit salad, chicken liver parfait with red onion marmalade, fish goujons & chips, mini beef burgers with mature cheddar cheese, and fishcakes with red pepper & black bean salsa, finished off with lemon posset with blueberries, parma violet créme brulee and pecan chocolate brownies. My personal favourites were the chips (ha, how typical of me - but they were really good!) and the banana ice cream with butterscotch sauce and meringue pieces.  


The event was a busy affair (I think the entire Glasgow blogging community had turned out) and to be honest it felt like there were too many people there.  It wasn't a proper sit down event like say Tempus or West Port were and as most people were standing it mean there was a bit of a race to the food every time a new dish was added, also they ran out of plates and cutlery a couple of times, and staff seemed rushed off their feet.  I feel quite bad moaning considering it was an event where I was given FREE food and drink, and I hope it doesn't come across as me being ungrateful but I just want to be honest.  The venue was lovely though and I enjoyed the food so maybe in different circumstances (e.g. a quiet meal) I'd enjoy it more.

I don't want to end on a slightly sour note so I'll add that their daiquiris were delish - any blogger event that serves cocktails can't be all bad!


Christmas Wishlist: Makeup Edition

Friday, 15 November 2013
I've started doing some online window shopping this week for peoples' Christmas presents and have been building up a (secret) Pinterest board of ideas. At the same time I've been building my own Christmas Wishlist to help give my Mum and boyfriend (and anyone else) some tips on what I'd like. All of this has got me properly in the mood for Christmas and since I'm partial to a good wishlist I thought I'd do a little series of beauty & fashion Christmas lists.
I dug back through my archives to see when I started chatting all things Christmas last year as part of me was thinking that the 15th of November was a bit early for all of this but my first Christmas post was posted on the 31st of October last year....looks like I was a lot more on-the-ball in 2012!

First up is makeup, so here are some of the makeup items I am currently lusting after (I will definitely be purchasing some of these in the new year with any Christmas money/vouchers....).

Melvita Micellar Water Review

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Melvita Micellar Water Review

Over the last year micellar / cleansing waters have become a staple part of my daily skincare routine – with me using them in the evening to remove my makeup before going in with a "proper" cleanser.  I've tried a couple of different brands, like Bioderma (every bit as good as people say it is - see my review here) and L'Oréal (also good, and cheap too), but am always happy to shop around and try something new.

A few months back I went to a FABB event in Glasgow (a kind of bloggers fair where you can meet other bloggers and chat to brands) and in our goodie bags there was a little bottle of Melvita Micellar Water (£15.50 for 200ml) so I've been using this as my makeup remover for the last week and now that my sample is empty I thought I'd do a review to share my thoughts.

For me there are 2 main features I want from a micellar water: 1) it should make make-up removal quick and painless, even with waterproof mascara, and 2) it should leave my skin feeling clean and fresh without leaving a residue.  Unfortunately the Melvita Micellar Water doesn't quite tick both of those boxes for me.

First up, the makeup removal part.  When using this I've soaked a couple of cotton pads with the product and then held each on my face for about 10 seconds (longer on the eyes, particularly if using a tough mascara) before sweeping the makeup off.  While it does do a pretty good job of dissolving the makeup, even waterproof mascara like my beloved Clinique High Impact, it doesn't really *remove* it, it just sort of ends up being smeared over your face.  I found that it would take me quite a few pads to get everything off, as I had to keep going over areas where eye makeup had then smudged.  This is why the sample didn't last very long as I was using loads each time.

As I said above, the second thing I look for in a cleansing water is a product that will leave my face feeling clean without leaving a residue behind.  While this did leave my skin feeling nice and fresh and clean, I found it took ages to then dry so I still had that slightly wet skin feeling for about 15 minutes afterwards.  Now I realise this is maybe a weird thing to have an issue with, but it's one of my biggest bug bears with skincare – I absolutely hate feeling like there's product still on my skin.  It's the reason why it took me soooo long to find a decent moisturiser (Origins Make a Difference Plus you are a lifesaver) as if something hasn't sunk in and left my skin soft and non-sticky within like 5 minutes then I'm not happy.

There are some pros with the Melvita Micellar Water – it has a lovely fresh rose scent, and it's organic – and as I said earlier it does actually do a fairly good job at dissolving even tough makeup, but unfortunately due to the fact it tends to move product over your face rather remove product, and it doesn't pass my no-residue test, I can't say I'd purchase a full bottle.  I think it would maybe work well as a first thing in the morning cleanser, or as a toner (in fact it does feel more toner like than anything else) as it does feel nice and refreshing, but it's no makeup remover I'm afraid.

I've actually just repurchased the L'Oréal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution (what a mouthful) and I'm definitely a lot happier using this, it takes my makeup off really quickly and sinks in really fast too – tick tick!

Did any of you make it to the FABB event and get a sample of this to try?  What did you think?

Halloween 2013: Creepy Doll

Sunday, 3 November 2013
WoooOOOOooooOOOoooo!  That was my attempt at being a ghost, did I scare you?  Well I will in a second....

Gillian and Laura (enjoying some of the yummy cakes)
Kirsty, Adam & me

It's been a few good years since I've dressed up for halloween (I think it's a sign of getting old) but I went all out this year with a proper creepy costume which I wore to Gillians flat party last night.  I can't actually ever remember wearing a scary halloween costume before, in the past I've been a woodland fairy, a sheep, an army girl, and red riding hood (you can see some of these in my halloween post from last year) but never anything properly "halloweeny".  So I think I was making up for lost time this year as I actually scared myself with that creepy face!

I based the whole costume around the open-mouth face paint that I saw on Pinterest when searching for halloween costume ideas.  The minute I saw that I knew it was what I wanted to do, so I then decided that I'd wear it as a scary doll outfit.  The rest of it was pretty easy - I took this dress from Dorothy Perkins and sewed on a lace collar which I bought from this ebay seller.  To make the dress more "poofy" and doll like I added a white underskirt which I also got from ebay - this looked good but it wasn't the most comfortable thing to sit in (plus I kept forgetting how big it made my skirt so I did end up knocking a few things over whilst walking around the flat, oops).  I then added some red accessories, tying my hair in pigtails with some red ribbon at the ends and a red ribbon in a bow round my waist (also from ebay - it's technically Christmas ribbon, so I'm going to use the rest to wrap presents!) and the little flat shoes were from Primark.

The face was easier than it looks, I did originally plan to film a "get ready with me" video/tutorial but I forgot to charge my camera, doh!  On my face I did my normal primer/foundation/powder base and added quite a few layers of blusher (a Maybelline blush in plum) for that rosy cheeked look, and then dotted some fake freckles in black kohl.  I also then filled in my brows a bit darker than normal, even lightly going over with a black kohl pencil once I'd finished the whole look.

For my eyes I used a nude shadow from the Naked2 palette on my lids with brown in the crease to add definition and black kohl to add a thick smudgy line.  Underneath my eyes I drew a half moon shape in the kohl pencil and filled the space with white face paint (to give the impression of larger eyes).  To finish the eyes I added a pair of falsies on my top lashes (the Katy Perry Oh Honey ones) and then a second pair on the fake bottom lash line I'd just drawn (these were cheapy Primark ones).  

For the mouth I used a red lip paint from Lush on the top lip (extending this slightly as I've got quite a thin top lip) then white face paint on the bottom lip (I got a face paint trio from ebay).  Then I drew two lines down to my chin with the red lip paint, leading from the corners and then drew a fake lip on the chin line.  Above the fake lip I added a centimetre in white face paint, and then filled in the middle gap with black face paint.  Finally I drew black lines for teeth with the black face paint, and ta da - a scary doll face!

I had a really fun night with my favourite blogger girls eating lots of cakes (omg Gillian outdid herself with the baking - I'm dying to have another one of her red velvet cake pops), drinking punch and having a gossip and a giggle.  I'm off to London for work tomorrow and needed to be hangover free today to do some prep so I headed off at about 11.30ish leaving the rest of them to go dancing at The Hive - I imagine there may have been some sore heads this morning....!

Were you at a halloween party this weekend?  If you've written a blog post about your costume leave me a link below!

Life Update: October

Friday, 1 November 2013
  pure spa xmas | false lash practice | fabb glasgow
takeaway and movies with kirsty | west port launch | safari park 
ryan gosring | tgi cocktails | business cards

It seems to have been blogger event central this month!

This month I.... 

  • had a night of pampering at Pure Spa for their Christmas preview
  • finally learnt how to apply false lashes at the Lash Republic launch
  • ate lots at the West Port and The Hope restaurant launches
  • tasted new cocktails at a TGI Fridays Glasgow event
  • visited Blair Drummond Safari Park for the first time since primary school
  • spent an afternoon in Glasgow meeting brands and bloggers at the FABB event
  • took B out for a lovely birthday dinner at Cafe Andaluz
  • rebranded the blog (thanks to Gillian) and got myself some business cards

I've been watching....

  • About Time (a girly cinema trip - this was less soppy than I expected)
  • Jackass presents Bad Grandpa (this was surprisingly hilarious) 
  • The Office USA (UK Netflix only has up to s7 but I found a website where you can stream the rest ad free so I've been making my way through s8/9)
  • The Tunnel (really enjoying this crime drama set in the UK/France which starts with a body being found in the channel tunnel)
  • Homeland (it's back, yaaay!)
  • True Blood (it's also back, yaaay!)

 I've been listening to....

  • Miley Cyrus - Bangerz (absolutely loving this album, my faves are #GETITRIGHT and Do My Thang)
  • Lorde - Pure Heroine (OBSESSED with Royals)
  • High Highs - Open Season

Blog stats fun

My most viewed posts this month were:

    And finally, the strangest search terms used to find my blog this month were "what costumes fashion bloggers wore for halloween" and "why does my skin feel rough" .

    This month I have a halloween party at Gillian's to look forward to (will do a post on my costume next week), a few birthday night outs, and a wee bloggers holiday to the Highlands - can't wait! What has November got in store for you?