Pure Spa Christmas Preview

Monday, 14 October 2013

me and Leanne

I am such a big kid when it comes to Christmas.  I just love the build up when everywhere is all twinkly with fairy lights and it smells like cinnamon. I cannot wait until it starts getting proper wintery so I can get all wrapped up in scarves and hats and gloves and wear fur lined boots and thick tights and layers.  I'm also one of those saddos who gets excited by red cup season at Starbucks.  In short, I love this time of year (Q4 you rock).  So when an invite to a Christmas preview at Pure Spa popped into my inbox a few weeks ago I was like "aww hell yeah, bring on Christmas!".

So a few Wednesdays ago I went along to Pure Spa at Ocean Terminal with some blogger pals to find out more about the gift sets they have on offer this Christmas.  Once we arrived we got settled in the nice relaxation area where the treatment rooms lead off.  There were sweet treats and prosecco waiting for us (they know how to keep the #scottishbloggers happy) and all the new product ranges were out for us to have a wee play with.  They have some fantastic gift sets this year (I even bought one for someone who will remain nameless...getting my Christmas shopping started early!) from brands like Elemis and Leighton Denny.  All of us fell in love with the Exotics Frangipani range from Elemis - it smells AMAZING.  Also there was a sparkly teal nail polish from Leighton Denny which a few of us absolutely loved too.  Most of the gift sets were really good value too, with you saving quite a lot compared to what you'd pay for the individual items.  

As well as finding out more about the Christmas sets we also got to sample a mini treatment, so I ended up with an Indian head massage. This head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage "works to release pent up tension and anxiety, helping to calm the mind, enhance the senses and promote clear thinking".

I very rarely get massages or any treatments at spas at all really - it's not something I really think of booking to be honest, like I'll think nothing of booking a salon appointment for my hair, but when it comes to something like a massage I never book one for myself and have only ever gone when it's been given as a gift or as part of a day out with work or a blogger event like this.  This was so relaxing though, I felt really chilled out when it was over and I came out thinking that it's something I should really try do more often.  

I think it seems like a really grown up thing to do too, like I'd be a proper adult woman who goes for a monthly massage, haha.  That sounds a bit ridiculous, but hopefully you know what I mean!  Anyway, the point is I really enjoyed the experience and I think maybe I'll start booking that sort of thing for myself a couple of times a year.  Also as I was with some of my good friends it felt like we were out for a spa day together, so that's definitely something that would be fun to do in the future.  Bloggers spa day anyone??

Sorry for the rubbish photos by the way....my iPhone didn't like the dark!

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