OOTD: Cocktails in Glasgow

Friday, 18 October 2013

Oh look it's an outfit post...haven't done one of those in a while!  I also only actually have 1 proper outfit shot which isn't ideal, but I thought I'd put it into a post anyway as it's better than nothing.  

This is the outfit I wore to a recent night out in Glasgow with some of my favourite blogger pals.  Over the last year I've made some really great friends from blogging who I've gone from chatting with on Twitter to meeting in real life through various events and meetups.  They are honestly some of the nicest girls I have ever met and I have such a good laugh every time I see them, which is becoming pretty regular these days, whether it's at a proper event or just dinner or drinks that we've arranged ourselves - I even had Kirsty round mine the other night for takeaway and X Factor.  In short, they've gone from "internet pals" to "real life friends" in the space of a few months which is pretty damn lovely.  A group of us have even booked a little holiday to the Scottish Highlands next month where we'll be staying in a cottage for the weekend drinking wine, trading gossip and chilling out at the spa - I can't bloody wait.

Anyway, enough gushing about how lovely everyone is and back to the outfit....not that you can really tell from the picture but I'm wearing a plain black round neck t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins (no longer online) over a black waffle skater skirt from New Look.  The main focus of the outfit is this gorgeous orange bed jacket from ASOS which I've had for about 2 years now and I rarely wear it but when I do I'm always like "oooh why do I not wear you every day you beautiful thing you".  

Accessories wise I've got on a statement necklace from New Look (no longer online) which is gold, silver and black and matches pretty well with the black and gold over the body bag which is also from New Look (no longer online).  On my feet are maroon flats with a gold heart on the toe, again from New Look (old).  These shoes don't particularly go with the outfit, but I'd just got back from holiday and still had massive blisters on my heels so these were pretty much the only shoes I could wear without being in pain!

I can't remember exactly what makeup I have on here but it's pretty much my signature eye look using the the Naked2 palette, a peachy blush and then Boujois Colour Burst in Peach on the Beach on my lips.

Here's also some pics from the night, we had a bit of bad luck with bars and had to move twice to find somewhere that could accommodate the group but ended up at a nice place called Lucky 7 for some cocktails, gossip and lots of laughs.

Laura, Nikki & Lynsey

Paula & Gillian

me and Roisin

Laura and me


  1. I love this outfit :) The necklace is really cool, I wish I had a never ending collection of statement necklaces...

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. Ah me too, I love a statement necklace, I want them allll! x

  2. Ahh, I'm still so gutted I missed this! I love your outfit here, and the BED JACKET?! Dear lord, you sound like a Victorian gentleman of disrepute and I bloody love it. I want a bed jacket! I'd lounge on a chaise lounge all day long, eating chocolate strawberries and listneing to blues. Now that's the life. xxx

    1. Hahahaha, I know - who the hell do I think I am?! x