Holiday Diary: Day 6

Friday, 25 October 2013

It's time for the 6th and final diary from my holiday from our final stop, Amsterdam.  I've been to Amsterdam twice before, both times on a 'party boat' from Newcastle with my holiday rep friend, so my experience of the place up until now had been of wandering around aimlessly whilst hungover, mostly in the red light district.  So I was expecting a different experience this time round.

We started the morning with our final breakfast at our hotel in Frankfurt before getting the train to Amsterdam.  The visit to Amsterdam was a late addition to our travel plans as we were supposed to be flying home from Frankfurt but our flight was cancelled so instead of paying to stay at our hotel for another 2 nights (and getting the next available flight to Edinburgh) we decided to get a train to another city and fly from there.  The two options were Dusseldorf and Amsterdam and there looked to be more to do in Amsterdam so that won (plus it was actually slightly cheaper too).

Our flight home wasn't until 9 at night so we had a full day of stuff planned however after our 4.5hr train journey (and after 5 days of sightseeing) we were both feeling really tired and a bit grumpy so we ended up cutting the plans pretty short.

After dropping off our suitcases at the left luggage at the train station we went for a little walk along the canals and streets before heading back to the station again to get the train out to the Amsterdam ArenA for a tour.  This was really interesting actually, much better than I expected.  I'm not really a football fan, I don't mind watching a game every now and then, but I'm not particularly interested in it so the tour was really for B's benefit, but I ended up having a really good time.  It was pretty cool seeing all the behind the scenes stuff like the press room and changing rooms etc, plus the chirpy tour guide kept it interesting with fun facts (e.g. the security cameras are so good that they could read a text message you were writing on your phone whilst sitting in the stands).


Once we got back to the city centre we decided to get on a bus tour as we were too tired/lazy to do any more walking.  This turned out to be a great idea as we got to see everything we originally planned and did it whilst sitting comfortably, haha.  One of the highlights on the bus tour was getting to see the road bridges open up for boats to go past.  I realise that sounds super sad but I thought it was so cool being able to literally see underneath the road.


After the tour we decided to just head out to the airport a little early as neither of us were in the moods to do any more sightseeing.  Unfortunately we got to the airport to discover our flight was delayed so we had like 2.5 hours to wait.  There were plenty of shops and restaurants/bars at the airport to keep us occupied but by this point we just really wanted to get home so we ended up finding a seat and taking advantage of the first bit of wifi we'd had in 3 days.  I realise that makes me sound like a grumpy old woman...haha!  I think we just tried to fit too much in to be honest, with city breaks like this 4 days is probably enough, unless you've got some chill out days planned too - it's just too tiring.

We'll probably try and go back to Amsterdam at some point and do it properly as we definitely didn't make the most of it.  As I said earlier we'll also probably try go back to Berlin as this was definitely our favourite stop - and there's so much we still have to see.

My final (very short) holiday vlog from our day in Amsterdam is below.  Bring on the next one!

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