Holiday Diary: Day 5

Sunday, 20 October 2013


So after a fairly chilled out first day in Frankfurt, we were a bit more adventurous on the Monday with us paying a visit to most of the big tourist attractions.  First of all after a quick breakfast at the hotel we got the underground along to the Palmengarten.  There are beautiful botanical gardens in the university area of the city.  We had a nice relaxing morning walking round looking at all the....things (yeah ok I don't know much about plants/flowers but it was pretty!), and even took a pedal boat out on the pond.  We were the only boat out there at the time so it was just us and some ducks.  At one point we stopped near a waterfall for a break and a couple of ducks came right up to the edge (obviously hoping for some food) and then some massive fish started poking their heads out of the water with their mouths wide open....I know they can't exactly hurt you but it was bloody terrifying.


After the Palmengarten we moved onto the Senckenberg Natural History Museum which is just round the corner.  There were huge dinosaur fossils in the main entrance hall - some were even hanging from the ceiling - so cool.  The other rooms had lots of animal exhibits from rhinos to owls to fish.  I'm never entirely sure if exhibits like these are stuffed real animals or if they are completely fake, and I'm still none the wiser but they certainly looked pretty real to me!  We had a quick look round the geology and rocks and minerals sections because, you know, boring, and similarly we didn't spend too long in the human reproduction section (there were some lovely graphic birth pictures in one bit....thanks for that!).

An entrance to the underground!

We stopped for lunch at the museum restaurant - currywurst for B and a dino burger for me - before jumping back on the underground to the area where the cathedral and city hall are.  I'd originally planned for us to go inside these buildings but when we got there everything was closed so we just took some photos and then walked over to the pick up point for the river cruise.


They had some tables and a little stall selling ice cream at the cruise point so we had a seat and enjoyed some ice cream sundaes.  The ice cream was a bit of a bad idea though as the sun had disappeared and it was getting pretty chilly (trust us to come out in t-shirts....everyone else was wrapped up in jackets).  It got worse when we got on the boat, and B insisted on us sitting on the open top deck - cue an hour of shivering in the freezing cold breeze.  At least the view was good, haha.

It looks like a lego house

The river cruise took us down the left side of the Rhine, past the Stadel Museum and the Romer and Dom, all the way down to the industrial Osthafen which was basically a big construction site....riveting, haha!  The views coming back up the river was great though with the tall buildings of the city looming in the distance - it looks like Manhattan or something (well, a smaller version obviously).

After the river cruise we headed back to the hotel to pack.  Neither of us were really hungry enough for dinner after having such a big lunch, so we just picked up a couple of snacky things from the station on the way back to the hotel instead.  Another fairly early night for us in front of TV programmes we couldn't understand - rock and roll!

The next morning we were up early for the train to Amsterdam where we spent the day before flying home - so stay tuned for the final part of my holiday diary coming soon.  Also you can watch my vlog from Frankfurt below.

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  1. This holiday looks amazing. You always find some good places to visit, them dinosaur skeletons are unreal! The underground entrance looks so cool as well.
    Looks like you had a great time, fab post.
    Kloe xxx