Holiday Diary: Day 4

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
The 4th day of our holiday started off pretty stressful as we almost got on the wrong train to Frankfurt.  I'd bought us train tickets online, and unlike tickets in the UK these came with the platform number already on there so we knew exactly where to go at Berlin Hbf station.  However, when we went to our platform there was no train to Frankfurt due, and after checking all the other platforms we couldn't see our 9.30 train anywhere.  

Panic was starting to set in, until we found a 9.35 train to Frankfurt (O) which we thought might just be our train but slightly delayed.  As we were on the platform though I was starting to worry about the fact that our tickets said Frankfurt (M) and the train that was due was going to Frankfurt (O) so a few minutes before it was due I ran around the platform area trying to find a member of staff who spoke English, but had no luck.  Eventually, as the train pulled into the platform and we were about to get on we saw a member of staff and B ran over to ask her - luckily she spoke English, and even luckier she was able to tell us that our train had been cancelled and printed us a new ticket for the next one at 10am.  It turns out Frankfurt (O) is a whole 5 hours away from Frankfurt (and weirdly is nowhere near Frankfurt at's on the opposite side of Berlin - way to confuse things Germany!).  Can you imagine if we'd just got on it?!

Panic over we headed down to our new platform and waited for our train - I'd booked us first class tickets because they were only like 5 euros more expensive than standard class at the time so once the train did arrive we had a nice relaxing journey in a spacious carriage with our own table seat.  The journey was about 4 and a half hours, I read for some of it and then had a wee snooze for the second half.

Once we arrived in Frankfurt we checked into our hotel - Hamburger Hof - which was right next to the train station.  This was a nice clean modern hotel, quite similar decor wise to our hotel in Berlin (lime and white must be the "in" colours just now!), although as we were just in a standard room it was a bit smaller than our suite.  B wasn't really keen on the bed as it was 2 singles pushed together and he didn't really like having 2 single duvet covers - I quite liked that though as it meant we didn't have to fight over the covers in the middle of the night!


The one thing I didn't like about the room though was that we had one that can be linked up with next door as adjoining rooms (i.e. there was a locked door leading into the next room).  It meant that you felt really close to your neighbours, and if they were talking near the door it literally felt like they were in the room with you.  Also there were hard floors throughout so the noise from upstairs was quite bad (every time they moved the desk chair there was a really loud scraping sound).  Oh and another bad thing was no wifi - although having no internet access for 2 days was probably a good thing really for little miss internet addict over here.

Anyway, once we'd checked in and unpacked we headed back over to the train station to get on one of the local tour buses which started outside the station.  This took you all the way round the city and had commentary on earphones so you knew what you were looking at.  I think we managed to pick the oldest bus in the world though - the windows on the open top deck rattled the entire journey!


Once we finished the bus tour we had planned on going for a walk around the area where the town hall and cathedral are, but we were both feeling pretty shattered after our day of travelling that we decided to just go straight for dinner.  There was a nice Italian place called Panino just round the corner from our hotel that I'd found online, so we went there.  As it wasn't even 5pm yet the restaurant was pretty much empty.....check us out eh, on holiday and going for dinner before 5 like a pair of 70 year olds.

I can't exactly remember what we had to eat (I think I had bruschetta to start and then some sort of cheesy ravioli type pasta with chicken?) but it was soooo good.  The main in particular was one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had - my mouth is watering at the thought of it.  We didn't manage dessert as the starter and main were quite big portions, so later on that evening B nipped across to the station to go on a chocolate run whilst I had a shower.

We ended the day lying in bed munching chocolate, B listening to podcasts and me watching German dubbed South Park episodes trying to remember the lines in English.  We're definitely not one of those couples that spends their evenings on holiday out drinking or partying....we're quite content just chilling out in the hotel, enjoying a bit of peace and quiet (like I said a pair of 70 year olds....and I love it).

Coming soon is my 2nd diary from Frankfurt which was a bit more exciting, including a trip to the botanic gardens and the natural history museum, as well as a very chilly river cruise.


  1. Great photos - that hotel looks lovely. I know what you mean about those rooms with the connecting doors. We were in a motel a couple of months ago that had them and it was freaking me out that the other room would keep trying to get into ours! It's always good to get a little away from wi-fi, being away last week myself and not having the internet for 8 days was a bit of an eye opener to say the least, adding on to the fact that I didn't have phone signal either haha!

    1. Yeah it's really freaky, I was paranoid I'd wake up to the noise of the door opening...creeeepy!