Holiday Diary: Day 3

Sunday, 13 October 2013
Day 3 was our last proper day in Berlin, and the one I was most excited about as we were visiting an abandoned theme park in the afternoon.  This was a really late addition to our itinerary as the day before we were due to fly to Berlin I saw a tweet from Skyscanner about the top 10 things to do in Berlin so I thought I'd have a read just to see if there's was anything I hadn't already planned.  One of the points was "go urban exploring" and it mentioned the Spreepark, an out of business theme park.  Now B and I are both pretty obsessed with looking up pictures of abandoned buildings online, and abandoned theme parks are always the most interesting so when I saw this I was like "OMG WE HAVE TO GO".  I went on the website which was all in German, and managed to work out (thanks to Google Translate) that you could book onto a tour at the weekend so I filled in the form and received an email back pretty much straight away to say we had a place on the tour, woo hoo!  I later found out that the theme park appeared in the film Hanna which we'd watched a few years ago, so that made it even more exciting.

Anyway, more on the Spreepark to come later....first of all on the Saturday morning we went to the Panoramapunkt - this is a viewing point at the top of a really tall building where you can get a cracking view of the city.  To get to the top you go in the fastest elevator in Europe which takes you up 24  floors in 20 seconds (there's no windows so it's not scary at all, in fact you barely feel it moving....what sorcery is this?!).  It was a nice clear day so we had a great view, and as we had already visited a lot of places on the previous 2 days it was fun pointing them out from the air.


After walking around for a bit taking in the view we stopped at the cafe for a tea & a hot chocolate while perusing the map trying to work out our travel plans for the day.  We then got on the underground along to the zoo area again and went to hire some bikes from a place outside the station.  (stopping first for some currywurst!).  

The plan had been that we would get bikes and go for a cycle round the Tiergarten (as it's huge and I thought it would take too long for us to walk round) but unfortunately we didn't realise you'd need to bring ID to leave as a deposit, and as I only ever took out cash we didn't have anything to leave them.  So that plan was abandoned and we headed off on foot instead.  

It worked out ok though and we managed to go for a good walk around the park for an hour or so, stopping for a wee break at the Neuer See lake which was so lovely and peaceful (there was a cafe there so if we came back in the future we'd def go there for some lunch).


After walking through the park and coming out at the other side (stumbling upon some sort of political march/protest on the way) we got on another train and started the journey out to the theme park.  2 trains and a bus later we were at the entrance to the woods that you need to walk through to reach the park.  Now I'd read online that there were 2 paths to get there, one was bigger but took longer, and the other (coming in from the side) looked like about a 2 minute walk so we went for that one.  I would not recommend taking this took about 5/10 minutes and was barely even a path so we were basically just walking through the woods like the start of a horror movie (every time we heard a crackle in the bushes I was thinking "we're going to die here").  Once we reached the entrance we saw the other path which was like a proper wide pavement through the woods and there were other people out walking dogs and cycling etc, so needless to say we took that route back!

Once in the park we grabbed a drink at the little outdoor cafe and sat waiting for the tour to start.  The bit where the cafe is is open to people who aren't taking the tour, so you can just go along on the weekend for a hotdog and a drink sitting in old loveboat swans, or get in the tea cup ride.  


Onto the actual tour, we were lead through the park by a lovely German woman who gave us a bit of history on each of the rides and background on how the park ended up being closed.  Now I'd love to tell you all about it but the tour is entirely in German so unfortunately I don't have a clue what was said...haha!  She did speak English though so B asked a few questions along the way (it closed because they basically ran out of money, oh and the owner was imprisoned for smuggling drugs), but you'd definitely get more out of the tour if you can speak the language.  We were quite happy just wandering around taking photos though so still had a great time, you had to stick near the group (so couldn't just wander off by yourself) but could get into things like the roller coaster or log flume and sit in the seats for photos which was cool.

It was really creepy at the big wheel which was still slowly moving and creaking in the wind.  I imagine it would be AMAZING to walk round on your own, but I wouldn't advise trying to sneak in and do that - there was security going round on bikes while we were there, and apparently at night they go round with big dogs (I'm definitely not brave enough to risk it!).


The tour was about 2 hours long (4-6pm) so once it was over we were pretty shattered having basically walked for the whole day.  We journeyed back to the near the Panormapunkt again and went to a bar called Eleven for burgers and shakes....the perfect end to a tiring day!


So that's Berlin!  I vlogged the whole trip so you can watch my Berlin video here, and the Frankfurt and Amsterdam ones will be going up shortly.

There's 3 more entries still to come from the holiday diary, next up will be day 1 in Frankfurt where we almost got on the wrong train, went on a rickety bus tour, and ate a delicious dinner at 5pm like an elderly couple in an almost empty restaurant.


  1. A fricken ABANDONED THEMEPARK. It looks so creepy! There's no way I'd chance sneaking in during darkness. It's like a horror film! Looks like you had such a great time though. Great photos!xx

  2. I love Berlin, I've been a couple of times now and always thought it's such an amazing city. Can't believe I never knew about Spreepark though, looks so cool/creepy! Looks like you two had a lovely holiday :) x

  3. This looks amazing Lynne, amazing, but creepy. Photos are fab! xx