Holiday Diary: Day 1

Sunday, 29 September 2013
Helloooo!  So I'm trying to slowly ease myself back into blogging after a couple of weeks break (I realise that sounds ridiculous, but I'm definitely finding it harder to sit down and write after not doing it for a while, it's like when you used to come back from the summer holidays at school and suddenly would be like "emm how do I write with a pencil again?!").  

I'm going to start off with a couple of holiday blog posts as 1) I enjoy reading these on blogs, 2) I have a ton of pictures that I might as well get some use out of and 3) well I'm quite lazy and this is a fairly easy type of post to write :)

To avoid ending up with one MASSIVE post that no one in their right mind is going to actually bother reading, I'm going to do 6 separate posts, one for each day of the holiday, with a summary of what we got up to (which should hopefully give you some tips/ideas for things to do in these cities if you're planning a visit) along with lots of photographs.

To kick off here's Day 1 in Berlin.









look what we found on our floor.....woo hoo!







So our flight landed in Berlin around 1.30pm and our first stop was to go validate our travel passes that I'd bought us online (from here) to save us worrying about buying single or day tickets every time we wanted to jump on the underground or a bus etc.  They have little validating machines on every platform, you just stick your ticket in and voila it prints todays' date and you're good to go.  Two train/underground journeys and a short 2 minute walk later and we had arrived at our hotel - Gat Point Charlie.  

To our excitement, we were upgraded to a suite at check-in so we ended up with a room on the top floor with a super kingsize bed, a separate living area and a balcony - so swish!  After unpacking (I'm not one of those people who is happy to live out of a suitcase on holiday - I like to put everything away in its proper place before I can relax) we headed out and jumped on the underground along to the Brandenburg Gate.  This used to be the gateway to the city, and is one of the main tourist / photo spots in Berlin.  

Round the corner from this was the Reichstag which is the home of the German parliament.  You can go inside this and walk up to the top of the glass dome to see a view of the city but it was quite late by the time we got there (4/5ish) so we didn't bother.  

After popping into a gift shop to pick up something suitably tacky for a memento (a bit of the Berlin Wall) we walked over to the Holocaust Memorial.  This is really striking looking with grey blocks of varying heights, and as you walk through you get deeper and deeper until they posts are towering over you.  The sun was starting to set as we walked around so it looked amazing with all the shadows.  Underneath the memorial there is a free museum all about the holocaust which we went into - it made me realise how shocking my history knowledge is though as I had no idea of the scale of the atrocities (both in terms of numbers and the spread across Europe).  It was very sad, but definitely worth a visit as it's a lovely memorial.

By now we were both feeling pretty shattered so just headed back to the hotel and went for dinner at the Italian restaurant next door (parma ham & rocket pizza for me, spaghetti carbonara for B).  We were then back in our room by about 7.30pm pretty much ready for rock and roll!

Next up will be my Day 2 diary featuring a trip to Berlin Zoo and some museums.


  1. That hotel looks fabulous, I love all their little touches! Gorgeous photographs too, looks like you had a great time, can't wait for your zoo pictures!

  2. WOW! looks like you had an awesome time! Can't wait for day 2! The closest I have ever been to Germany is learning how to count 1-20 from a German at school lol. Loving the blog and can't wait for the pics! ~ Mystic Fury