Wedding OOTD: Blue & Coral

Saturday, 10 August 2013
Last week I was through in Dunfermine at my friend Hollys' wedding.  I met Holly at uni when we were put together in student accommodation in first year (along with Anna who stayed with me over the wedding weekend) and then ended up living together in various flats over the next 4 years.  The wedding was so lovely, the ceremony was really sweet and personal, and I had a great time reminscing with Anna and Holly and some other girls who I knew from uni about our early years together.

What I wore

For my outfit I wore a powder blue dress from Dorothy Perkins (no longer online) and teamed it with neon coral accessories.  Hearing "blue and neon coral" as an outfit choice for a wedding seems a bit random, but the colours really complimented each other well (I think so anyway!).  The dress was a really lovely style (although perhaps about an inch too long for my liking) with capped sleeves, a nipped in waist and a flared out skirt.

The cardigan is from ASOS and was sold as a boucle jacket but to be honest it definitely feels more like a cardigan than a jacket  Also I was slightly disappointed that the colour was so different in real life - on the site it looks like quite a light neon but it's actually a much deeper orange (in fact in my pictures it also looks lighter than in real life).  It still matches well though so that's why I kept it anyway.  The belt is also from ASOS (old) , although as the day went on I think I actually took it off as I decided it looked better without it!

You can't really see the bag well in any of my photos but it's this neon mini satchel from New Look.  I didn't actually buy this for the wedding - I just bought it because I liked it, but then it ended up matching really well with the cardigan and necklace, even though it doesn't look particularly "weddingy".

The necklace was also from New Look - I love statement pieces like this as I think they add something special to an otherwise plain outfit.  The heart ring matches really well with the colours in the necklace, although it's so old I can't even remember where it's from (possibly H&M).

The bracelet is from H&M and has a cool aztek style design with shades of neon coral and pink.  Again this matched really well with my other jewellery and the handbag.  I was actually quite surprised to find so many things in the neon shade as it was a bit of a gamble picking that as my colour of choice.  I'm loving neon brights at the moment in fact, even if it does kind of remind me of the early 90's when I used to wear neon lycra cycling shorts (yep...).

Finally the shoes which were a VERY last minute purchase (I bought them on the Wednesday and they arrived on the Thursday in time for the wedding on Friday!) - I really struggle with shoes for formal events as I can't wear high heels and most low heels are those ugly stiletto/kitten heel style.  All I really want is a pair of wedges with a 3" heel max and for some reason that is really hard to find!  In the end I found a pair of cream wedges in the New Look teen section - so that's twice that New Look 915 has come to my rescue (that's where I got the shoe boots I wore to the hen night in this outfit post), I'll remember to look there first next time!


  1. Such a cute outfit! Love the color combinations and the feminine touch in the outfit, although the necklace makes a bit more edgy, which I also like. Your hair and makeup is super pretty too :)