Life Update: July

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
vlogging | missoni event | graduation | out for a drive | shiny |  bar kohl | hair appointment | glasgow meetup

This month I.... 

  • had a facial in a bubble at the Missoni
  • travelled to Sunderland for my sisters' graduation
  • won £200 ASOS vouchers thanks to this
  • treated myself to a macbook air (best. purchase. ever)
  • signed up to Netflix and binged on The Office USA
  • had a bit of a hair makeover
  • went on a wee girly night out in Glasgow with some blogger friends

    I've been watching....

    • Friends With Kids - the only film I watched this month.  A random choice for my first viewing on signing up for Netflix.
    • The Office USA - have powered through the first 3 series in the last 2 weeks.  Love. It.
    • Breaking Bad - catching up on the first half of season 5 before it starts again next week
    • The Returned - ahh it was so good - can't believe we have to wait a year now for answers
    • Community - series 4 is back on TV in the UK, it's not been great though (come back Dan Harmon!)

     I've been listening to....

    • Old Ricky Gervais XFM podcasts - it's basically my background working soundtrack
    • Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop - my song of the summer!
    • Demi Lovato - Heart Attack - still love her

    Blog stats fun

    My most viewed posts this month were:

    And finally, the strangest search terms used to find my blog this month were "naked at citizenm window glasgow" (emmmm WHAT?) and "how to make maltesers at home" (if you find out, please tell me).


    1. Yay for blogger meet ups! I reckon we should try and see something in the festival too :) I lovvvved The Returned- I got sucked in so quickly and wikipedia'd the plot after episode 1! Such a loser. Glad you've finally managed to become addicted to The Office- I love it! xx

      1. I am ridiculously addicted to it up to near the end of series 5! Dwight is totally my favourite, you were right - he is awesome. And yay to festival meetups - see you next Weds! :) x

    2. Hahahahaha Naked at Citizen M Glasgow?!! What's that all about?! Was so lovely to catch up at the meet up, in agreement with Kirsty, we must try and see something at the Fringe. Also, so much love for Demi Lovato and The Returned! xxx

      1. Yaay glad you are also a Lovato fan, I am a little bit in love with her. See you next week too! :) x

    3. Looks like an awesome July! Speaking of Miley, have you seen this parody of the We Can't Stop video? it made me lawl; especially the end.

      1. OMG thanks for bringing this to my attention...amazing - the bit where Amanda Bynes turns up is the best. Oh and sorry for being a total Youtuber obsessed loser but awww they have Joey Graceffa playing Liam Hemsworth! x