Five Things

Friday, 30 August 2013
I struggled to think of a good title for this post as it's hard to convey what I mean in a short headline.   In a nut shell this is a post about five objects that have a personal meaning to B and I - little keepsakes from trips together or from notable events in our lives, gifts we've given each other etc.  Things that tell a story about our relationship over the last 5 years.  So yeah, it's a slightly soppy post I'm afraid! :)

This is a ticket from a show we went to see at the Edinburgh Festival on our first date.  We had just arranged to meet for drinks (at a bar called Oddfellows on Forrest Road, which is now Malone's) but B surprised me with two tickets to see a comedian later that evening.  After a few drinks we went over to the Udderbelly (the big purple cow in Bristo Square) to queue for the show and by strange coincidence bumped into my sister and her friend who were also going to see the same show (that must have been a slightly scary moment for B....meeting the family on the first date!).  The show he had booked tickets for was stand up by Australian comedian Jim Jeffries, now if you haven't heard of him before he's basically one of the rudest comedians on the circuit (the C word was mentioned about 20 times).  The fact that I wasn't fased by the utter filth being spouted on stage I think gave me some plus points (I passed the potential girlfriend test).  

After a few post-show drinks he walked me to my bus stop and waited with me until my bus arrived.  A drunk man saw us sitting together and asked us if we were married, which I like to thing was a little sign that we were destined to be together (maybe the drunk man was in fact cupid).  The following night we actually ended up going out again (cinema) and then again 2 days later (another festival show) - at which point we decided to officially become a couple.  And like they say, the rest is history!

This was a Christmas gift from B the first year we were together and I was super impressed that he'd even picked up on the fact I was a lifelong Westlife fan as I only mentioned it in passing once.  In fact all of the gifts he got me that year were so well thought out, he had even remembered a lantern I'd said I thought was pretty at the Christmas market and went back and bought it - what a guy.  

Anyway, this DVD has become a bit of a running joke with us as I've never actually got round to watching it!  So any time I have a day off or some free time I get told "why don't you watch that Westlife DVD?" or "have you watched that DVD I bought you yet?".  I will watch it one day, I promise! :)

This envelope was waiting for us in our room at Cambo House when we stayed for my 26th birthday.  B had booked it so they must have just assumed we were a married couple, but we found it pretty funny when we discovered the envelope in our room!  It's maybe a bit weird to keep an empty envelope but it's a nice little memory so it's definitely one for the scrapbook (I have actually started a scrapbook which I should probably start working on again at some point!).

A couple of years ago I had what I thought was a genius Christmas gift idea which was a clock from Next which had photo frames for each number.  I thought having different pictures of us together in the frames would look awesome, and in theory it worked but what I hadn't realised was that each frame had to be glued to the wall and as we lived in a rented flat that was a no-go.  I did attempt to stick all of the frames onto a cardboard base but it was too heavy and basically just collapsed so it was pretty much a present fail!  The frames have now been sitting gathering dust in a corner of our living room for like 3 years....I really should get round to doing something with them some day, although the pictures all look pretty old now!

Finally, this is a little card from a restaurant we had a lovely dinner at in London on our first proper trip away.  It was a nice little family run restaurant with good food, great service, and it was close to Leicester Square so we went for a wee walk around afterwards soaking up the atmosphere.  Ahh that brings back some nice memories of the early days, we were so excited that whole trip as it was the longest we'd been away together.


  1. Aw this is such a sweet post. Tickets to Jim Jeffries seems like a brave choice for a surprise gift on a first date so it's lucky you're not easily offended haha! xx

  2. This is adorable, I have so many random things (mostly cinema tickets) hoarded away from my current relationship and I'm thinking about making some sort of scrapbook thing for Christmas!xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Aw that's a lovely idea for a Christmas present - I've got about 1.5 years into my scrapbook so really need to get back into it again (all the cutting and glueing is such a faff so I keep getting fed up of it....but it will be worth it in the end!). x

  3. this is such a lovely post. those little things that you keep are so interesting to look back on and smile about!

  4. Love this post, I keep so much stuff - all my gig tickets and try to keep my cinema tickets, although I don't look through my memory box that often, I know it's packed full of happy memories.