Five Faces

Saturday, 24 August 2013
Since I started blogging I've found that I take a hell of a lot more pictures of myself than I did before (blogging makes you so vain!), so as a result I've built up quite the collection of selfies.  As part of my big five series I've chosen my favourite makeup looks and picked my top five "face of the day" pictures from the past year.

In order to choose my top five I stuck allll the face photos I had into one album - it was probably the most narcissistic task I've ever undertaken....

First up is my Christmas party look from my work do last year.  I love the dramatic gold eye look as I think it pairs so well with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Here I've used "sunset" from the the Stila Into The Light palette and I'm also wearing some Eyelure false lashes (a rare occurance!).  On my lips I'm wearing the nude "creme brulee" shade from the Revlon Lip Butter range - ensuring the focus is kept on the eyes.

I love this really natural look that I wore for a Saturday afternoon cinema trip in Spring this year. This is quite similar to my usual day to day makeup for work with just a peachy flush on the cheeks (Benefit Sugarbomb), a little metallic shimmer on the eyes (YDK from the Naked 2 palette), a light coat of mascara and a nude pink lip (Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting).  I also love my little mini Princess Leia buns in this one, haha.

This was the makeup look I wore to my friend Holly's hen do in London in May this year.  On my eyes I've gone for my fairly standard go-to night out look which is a bronze smoky eye with lots of mascara.  I've teamed this with rosy pink cheeks (Benefit Hervana) and a bright lip which is an old one from Collection 2000.  It looks a lot brighter in real life and is an awesome neon pink colour which I love.

A coral themed version of my go-to night out look, with my old faithful Naked 2 palette on my eyes and a peachy blush (Benefit Sugarbomb) matched with a peach/coral lip from Topshop (Whimsical).

Now you might not be able to tell, but I'm actually wearing the exact same makeup in this one as I was in the picture above (floral headband) - the only difference being the hair and outfit!  The pictures were actually taken less than 2 months apart too, although I think I look completely different - it's amazing what a haircut can do eh?!  Although I do think I look several years older in this picture which I'm not too happy about!


  1. I LOVE the make up look in the first picture, how did you do that... Tell me tell me!! :)
    Justine Cashmere Times

    1. It was pretty easy actually - just "sunset" from the Stila Into The Light palette all over my lid and under my lower lashes. A thin layer of black liquid liner on the top lids and some false eyelashes (I used the Eyelure pre-glued ones). x

  2. i love your eye make up in the first photo!

    Hannah xx

  3. These pictures are beautiful!

  4. Love your hair in the last picture!