Extracts #5: Holidays

Monday, 19 August 2013
I thought it was about time I posted some more diary entries for you, as they seem to go down quite well (nice to see you're all as nosy as I am!).  Tying in nicely with my post earlier this week on my Top 5 Holidays I've chosen some extracts from my holiday diaries over the years (I've also looked out some embarrassing photos for you too!).  This has ended up being a reeeeally long post by the way so I apologise in advance :)

September 1999 (age 14)

This was our first abroad holiday to Alcudia in Majorca.  Up until then we'd spent our summer holidays in the UK, specifically in Blackpool at Pontins!  This diary had a few lines space per day, so here's my entries from the week:

Saturday 4th - Left for holiday

Sunday 5th - Went to beach.  Wrote postcards.

Monday 6th - Went to pool.  Saw "O" sub ("O" was the codename for a guy I fancied...this "O" sub was someone who looked mildly like him...sigh)

Tuesday 7th - Went to pool.  Lay in shade.

Wednesday 8th - Went into Alcudia.  Saw Woof (I have NO IDEA what this means....it could be another codename...).  Saw singer at night.

Thursday 9th - Nikola was ill.  Lay by pool in shade.  Saw hypnotist.

Friday 10th - Lay by pool in sun.  Was inside most day (lol, this is still me - not a fan of the heat!).  Saw comedian at night.

Saturday 11th - Left Alcudia.  Uncle David picked us up from airport.

September 2000 (age 15)

A long weekend at Butlins in Craig Tara....

Friday - Went to Freeport on the way there.  Went to Bonga Wonga Beach Club at night and fire alarm went off (well that seemed worth recording).

Saturday - Went to the Heads of Ayr Farm Park, on the way we went along the Electric Brae, a total farce! (If memory serves me right this is supposedly one of those natural phenomenons where you feel like you're driving up a hill or something? It all sounds very Father Ted and the magic road to me...!).

Sunday - Went to Ayr, got new trousers at Mark One and lip gloss at Claires.

Monday - Travelled home.  Went to M&Ds, magic carpet was shit!

July 2001 (age 16)

Another holiday in Alcudia (same hotel...we were one of those families who found a place they liked so kept going back).

Flight delayed 5 hours.  Waited in airport 9 hours.  Queued for taxi 2.5 hours.  Didn't eat for 26 hours.  v.v. hot!!  (Jeez, I totally can't remember this but it sounds like hell).

Holiday was great.  I have a sort of tan.  It was too hot though.  The entertainment was great, the singers were very good.  I was sick on the plane going there, how humiliating! (awww).  I only went in the pool on the last day, I wish I had went in earlier though cos it was really nice.

September 2001 (age 16)

A long weekend at Pontins in Blackpool.

Thought I'd better write something about the holiday so here goes. When we got here the place looked so scaffy and run down, our room wasn't much better.  It was tiny and the window in me and Nik's room made a whistling sound like a ghost! (hahahah) We switched rooms though (I mean switched chalets) so now we've got a really nice double room.  The shower is pathetic though, I tried to have one last night and it was just like a dripping tap!

On Friday night the Bluecoats did Starlight Express and the one I like played Rusty, he looks a bit like Simon from Blue Peter! (this dude)  There is also another one who really looks like Ste from BBMak! (this dude).

We had the perfect view of Rusty and Ste on the decks on Friday, yay!  But on Saturday night we were further away so I had to turn and face them all night! (not desperate at all).

We went to the Pleasure Beach on Saturday but it was cold and wet so we only went on the Grand National, the Rollercoaster, Gold Mine and Noah's Ark.  We also went to Hot Ice (an ice show).  There were 2 absolutely gorgeous skater guys!  One had spiky hair (Spike) and one was bald (Tommy - after the Rugrats...).  I had a terrible habit of giving every guy I fancied a codename! I wish I had bought a programme now!

Today we are going back to the Pleasure Beach, I am going to go on the Playstation and Valhalla,

Bye! Lx

June 2003 (age 18)

This was my first holiday without the parents - a week in Faliraki on an 18-30s holiday with my friends J and G. This diary is probably the most cringeworthy yet - it's so "oh yeah I'm having an AMAZING time getting drunk and meeting all these MEN, aren't I the coolest?!" - urgh. Oh and it's ridiculously long - but it's followed by some terrible photos so stick with it!

Well we're here, and they weren't bloody joking about the hill!  Takes like 20 minutes to walk into town, but taxis are only 5 euros so it's all good.  Our hotel is actually really nice, pretty basic but they say all of Greece is to be honest.  We've got a pool, 2 bars (24hr drinking - wahey!) and a mini market (we invested in a fan from there - no air conditioning in our room so it's a god send!).

We signed up for the 18-30s gig package, 178 bloody euros!!  But it will be worth it cos you get free entry to clubs, and an hour or 2 hour free bad, no bad huh?!

Since we got here at 10pm we decided we just HAD to go out, so we walked into club street (fucking 2 day taxi strike - typical).  Can't totally remember where we went exactly, we got in free tho cos promoters dragged us in!  Q Club was cool, 3 different rooms so loads of different music.  We went to some other bars but like I said, I can't really remember, lol!  Me and J fell out with G (the first of many), all cos she was pissed off with me.  This random guy had come up to me and without saying so much as a hell, stuck his tongue down my throat and tried to kiss me (yes, people are weird in Faliraki).  G then told him I was gay, I laughed and told him I wasn't, but I had a boyfriend (oh yeah, I DID ACTUALLY HAVE A BOYFRIEND BTW...which makes the rest of this entry even more embarassing....to be fair though, he had told me I could do what I wanted on the holiday, he just didn't want to hear about it).  Then she got pissed off at me cos apparently I "shouted at her" (my ass I did, I was bloody laughing!).

Then when the 3 of us were outside, 3 Irish guys came and started speaking to us.  They said they'd show us the beach so me and J started to go with them.  G got pissed off and was like "I'm going home" so we left the guys (altho, looking back, drunkenly going with 3 strange men to a 'beach' at 3 in the morning isn't the best idea - YOU THINK?!!).

After we FINALLY got back to the hotel (after helping a lost guy called Neil find him apartment, then getting lost ourselves cos "Essex man from our hotel" took us the wrong way - fud!) G went to bed and me and J went to the bar.  Here we met 6 19 yr old guys from Dundee - Mog (has a gf of 6 years, is a footballer), Stuart Lees (aka Slees, has a gf of 9 months, she is 25 - jeez), Martin (a bit gay), Tony (is an "innovative designer", ooh!), Mark (Tony's big bro, he's 21, training to be manager of Tescos), and Greg (he is in love with the "Anglo Scot".....Anglo Scot is a Scottish guy who is staying in the room next to Martin, Greg & Mog, and he wants to be English).

We've become good mates with these guys, and me and J regularly attend the "6am parties at number 56 - Beatles, Sting, Runrig and Proclaimers tunes all round".

Oh yeah, have to mention the Drug Dealers - a group of 4 Asian guys (apologies, this whole section sounds terrible) who stay near our room.  Me and J went to theirs one afternoon and they seemed dodgy likes (e.g. "fancy giving us a massage?!").  We keep hearing one of the guys on the phone, saying stuff like "I don't want to hurt your family, but this is serious business", "I want my 300 grand" and "I'm sending some people round if I don't get my money" (I realise this sounds like I made these quotes up, but I do genuinely remember this happening...we would listen in hiding near our balcony!).  So we've decided they are either lonesharks or drug dealers.

Other people we've met are PE teacher man, he is teacher training at Moray House in Edinburgh.  Funny (innocent) quote from J when we were watching him play football - "look at him and his PE-ness".  There's "sexy Scott' our Scottish rep - I'm sure I've seen him on Club Reps like!

Sat at pool today, oh god it is fucking hot, but you get a nice breeze so it's not too bad.  I'm DETERMINED to get a tan, if I come home white I'll cry!  I'm covered in bites from all the evil insects, sob sob!

At night it was Liquid at The Castle which is a new cool club.  We had a 1 hour free bar first at this beach club so I was having lots of Sex on the Beach with the Dundee boys....the cocktail of course (har har!)!

After that we went to Ziggy and Charlies (the bar, not our hotel - which was also called Ziggys and Charlies) - by this time I was drunk, but still managed to drink some of a fishbowl with the guys.   Then we had to go wait on a coach to take us to the castle.  At this point G got hysterical because some guys were groping her - it's a shame but to be honest she flashed her breasts at everyone all night and was totally leading guys on (rape apologist in the making there....charming).  She lost her ticket so Mark gave her his one and paid 15 euros to get in (he kept paying for our stuff, we felt quite bad).

And this is where it cuts off so I assume I got bored!  Here's some cringy photos though for your amusement (I've blurred out everyone elses faces which looks so CREEPY!).

Finally, I don't have diary entries for these holidays but I thought I'd stick in some photos anyway as I came across them whilst digging out these ones!

me and my sister having a dance in Blackpool 2004
School disco in Malia 2004

Zante 2005

Me and Nik posing on a cruise 2007

Mandatory "holding up the leaning tower" picture in Pisa 2007

Posing in a bar on the cruise 2007

I think this might be the last diaries post for a while - this one took a lot out of me!!  Will definitely revisit later in the year though, just need to find another theme!

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  1. Oh my god, I remember Freeport! Is it still there? Also you know you've been looking at a screen too long when you read "18-30 holiday to Faliraki" as "...holiday to Falkirk!" x