Monday, 26 August 2013

Earlier this month I went along to the Missoni (possibly my favourite hotel in Edinburgh) for a breakfast event to launch Appointedd.  Appointedd is an online platform where you can book salon appointments. I love the idea of being able to book hair appointments or facials etc on the internet, I pretty much conduct most of my life online - I shop online, I manage my banking online, I order my food shopping online, I book restaurants online, I buy flights and make hotel reservations online, so it makes sense for the salon world to move online too (as it's one of the few industries where the vast majority of sales/bookings are still made via traditional methods).

We had a really fun morning being introduced to the concept behind Appointedd (by the lovely Leah) and how the business got started.  Basically the idea came together after Leah found she was struggling to find the time to arrange salon appointments whilst also fitting in a busy job and organising the rest of her personal life - the idea being that if you can go online and find a hotel or restaurant, read reviews and book it there and then, why can't you do the same when looking for somewhere to get your hair coloured or nails done etc?  Having a place online where you can compare salons and read reviews and see prices and also then check availability and make appointments all without having to lift the phone definitely appeals to me!

I can't really think of many better starts to the week than a Monday morning meeting consisting of cakes, pastries, beauty chat, and spending time with some of my favourite blogger girls (as well as local salon owners, the team from Appointedd and some other partners.....we even had a Skype chat live from Bangkok!).  Oh and the goodie bags had pick and mix sweets in them which pleased me immensly.

Afterwards a couple of us went along to George Square to soak up some of the festival atmosphere and had a nice wee afternoon of margaritas, mexican food and plenty of gossip.  All in all it was a great day, and it was really interesting getting to hear about Appointedd.  The website is now live so if you're looking to book a salon appointment or just want to read reviews of local salons then check it out -

Images 2, 3 & 4 borrowed from the Appointedd blog and Facebook page

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